Teacher with foot fetish struck from register

19:58, Aug 04 2011

A primary school teacher with a fetish for feet and ''sweaty'' schoolboy clothing has been convicted by a court and banned from teaching.

The New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal ordered the man be struck from the register after he was found guilty of grooming a young man for sexual favours.

In its ruling the tribunal said the man had been a teacher for nine years, meeting his victim at school when the boy was aged 10.

At first he bought the boy gifts such as food or drink and clothing, and began to drive him around in his car, an affidavit said.

Over a period of years the man increased the contact, buying dirty clothing, footwear and boxer shorts from the victim.

''This was to fuel a fetish that the defendant had for these items of used schoolboy clothing.''

When the boy turned 12, the relationship became increasingly sexual.

The report described an occasion where the boy had been at the teacher's house helping with some gardening.

''The victim removed his sweaty footwear. The defendant was fixated with the victim's feet and began to lick his feet and suck his toes. This continued for around 30 seconds and basically set in course a future increasing physical-contact element to their relationship.''

After the victim turned 16, the man also began to ply the boy with cash, food, alcohol, clothing or cell phone top-ups for oral sex.

A second boy was subject to similar treatment after he was introduced to the man when the first victim began college.

The teacher would also ask the second boy for dirty school socks, sandals and sport shoes and pay the victim for these items as well as replacing the old with new items.

A search on the teacher's house in 2010 by a police Child Abuse Team found many pairs of shoes, boxer shorts, socks, shirts and numerous school articles.

Following the investigation the teacher was convicted of indecent assault and meeting a young person for the purpose of committing an indecent act.

He was sentenced to 12 months home detention and 250 hours of community work.

The tribunal censured the man for his conduct and ordered the cancellation of his teacher's registration.