Piddler on the roof no more

01:43, Jan 31 2009
NEVER AGAIN: Sarron John Desmond Marot was granted police diversion after pleading guilty to urinating on a parking meter in Napier.

What a relief.

Napier's parking-meter piddler is pleased to have escaped with a $200 fine and has vowed never to put himself in the same position again.

Sarron John Desmond Marot, 18, cook, pleaded guilty in Napier District Court yesterday to intentionally damaging a parking meter on July 5 by urinating into it.

Marot had been caught on a security camera installed by police after reports of urine damage to a central-city parking meter.

He has been granted police diversion, which means he will not have a criminal record if he pays the $200 to Napier City Council before September 17.

Efforts by duty solicitor Leo Lafferty to have continued suppression of Marot's name were rejected by Judge Geoff Rea, who said the fact that the case had reached open district court meant there had to be good reason for name suppression.


Outside the court, Marot blamed the affair on a night out with his mates.

He said he had been out with friends and wanted to urinate. When they would not let him urinate against their car, he chose the parking machine instead.

"I'm sorry I piddled on the meter. It was unintentional. I was out with friends, looking for a good time and I was busting," he said.

"But who hasn't pissed in public?"

He said he was not aiming for the meter.

"I couldn't stand properly. I wasn't pissed off with the parking meter. I was not aware of what I was doing."

Marot said it was the only occasion he had urinated on the meter, and he would not do it again.

"I don't want to be labelled the rooftop piddler, or the pay and display piddler," he said.

"I just want to drop it and forget it."

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