National MP Mike Sabin in police assault inquiry

Mike Sabin at his home in Northland.
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Mike Sabin at his home in Northland.

Police have been investigating an assault complaint against government MP Mike Sabin.

The investigation is related to events in Northland, but detectives working on the case are based in Waitemata, north Auckland.

The investigation was moved south from Whangarei because Sabin was a police officer based there until 2006.

The officer in charge, Detective Inspector Kevin Hooper, refused to confirm Sabin was the subject of an investigation.

Prime Minister John Key is also not commenting. He and his office did not answer written questions:

  • when he was informed of the police investigation;
  • whether Sabin or someone else volunteered the information;
  • why he had not disclosed the matter to voters.

Sabin, 46, who has been in Parliament since 2011 and has a majority of more than 9000, has not returned calls seeking comment.

When approached Sabin at his Coopers Beach home, in the Far North, he immediately demanded the reporter leave his property.

"I have got nothing to say," Sabin said.

Asked if he would comment on the police investigation, he replied: "No, no I have nothing to say - I want you to leave my property."

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A relative of a complainant also would not comment. "I can't say much mate, sorry," he said. "I just don't need the grief at the moment."

Police have tried to keep the investigation into Sabin quiet.

Detective Inspector Bruce Scott, the crime service manager for Waitemata police, referred inquiries related to Sabin to the police media section.

"We have no comment on any investigation that could or could not be happening," he said.

Sabin gained national prominence as a campaigner against methamphetamine or "P".

In 2006, after a decade with the police, he took leave of absence from the service to start a company that advised on the "P" problem. He was often interviewed by the media about "P".'

 - Sunday Star Times

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