Kim Dotcom has funds released to family

09:29, Feb 29 2012
kim dotcom and wife
STILL ON BAIL: Kim Dotcom leaves the Auckland High Court with his wife and legal team.

Alleged internet pirate Kim Dotcom will remain free on bail and his family has been given just over $30,000 to live off for the next three weeks.

Earlier today, Dotcom asked the High Court at Auckland for $28,000 per month for living costs, $29,000 per month for staff costs and a one-off payment towards the rent, which totals $1 million per year.

Dotcom also wanted money to pay the lease on his mansion and to pay off some creditors.

Mona Schmitz,wife of Kim Dotcom
GLAMOROUS WIFE: Mona Schmitz, the wife of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom outside the High Court.

However, this afternoon Justice Judith Potter granted the tycoon just over $30,000 to live off for the next three weeks.

Justice Potter granted a change to the restraining order on the seized assets, effective until March 21.

Under the order Dotcom's wife Mona would receive $20,000 for living expenses, $12,650 for medical expenses pertaining to the birth of her twins, and a 2010 Toyota.


Ten thousand dollars would be released to Dotcom's co-accused, Bram van der Kolk who also regained access to his 2005 Mercedes Benz, and $74,000 would be released from an account belonging to "Megastuff", a company account, to pay creditors.

The Crown had claimed that Dotcom wanted $220,000 a month to cover living costs, including security guards, nannies and a butler.


Meanwhile, the Crown has failed to overturn Dotcom's bail and he remains at large pending an extradition hearing to America in August.

Judge Tim Brewer made the decision in the High Court at Auckland this afternoon.

The Crown had appealed against the 38-year-old German national's bail, granted last week by a district court judge.

It believed Dotcom was still a flight risk.

However, Judge Brewer said he agreed with the district court judge and Dotcom could have his liberty.

Dotcom will remain on electronic bail at a home near his Coatesville mansion until then.


Crown lawyer Anne Toohey said she had received a preliminary application from the US indicating that Dotcom's wife could have been involved in Megaupload.

Toohey said she would clarify the matter with authorities overnight.

Dotcom's assets were frozen last month after he was arrested during a raid at the $30m Coatesville mansion he rents.

He is facing an extradition trial in August to the United States where he is accused of breaching copyright laws, costing owners more than US$500 million.

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