Kidnapper: 'I killed your brother'

Last updated 05:00 18/04/2012
Nathan Boulter
NATHAN BOULTER: At an earlier court appearance.

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A man attempted to strangle his ex-girlfriend, told her he had killed her younger brother and pulled her hair out during a terrifying kidnapping ordeal.

Nathan Boulter, 22 was arrested on Great Barrier Island in January last year after being in the bush with his 20-year-old ex-girlfriend Nortessa Montgomerie for more than 38 hours.  He had earlier beaten her and her new boyfriend unconscious.

He was charged with nine offences, including unlawfully taking her away, causing grievous bodily harm with intent, burglary and injuring with intent to injure.

Other charges he faced are suppressed.

Boulter pleaded guilty to the charges yesterday in the High Court at Auckland, following a sentence indication hearing.

Police said Boulter and Montgomerie were in a relationship for six months during 2010.

She left him and returned to her home on Great Barrier Island late that year.

In December, Boulter travelled from his home in Riverton, Southland, to Auckland, intending to find and contact Montgomerie.

He sent her abusive Facebook messages, including one telling her he was going to kill himself, which she complained about to police.

Boulter booked a one-way ticket to the island in January last year, using the fake name ''Travis Tetoski'' to avoid police detection.

The summary of facts said Boulter did not know anyone else on Great Barrier Island, and made no arrangements to leave.

He went to Montgomerie's house on the island's east side, and sometime after 8.30pm entered through an open side door.

He went upstairs to her bedroom, hid under the bed and waited for her and her new boyfriend, Michael Stewart, to go to bed.

When they law down, Boulter struck Stewart on the back of his head with a hard object.

Montgomerie screamed for Boulter to stop, but he struck her in the head as well before beating the man unconscious.

The 20-year-old tried to call for help, but Boulter knocked her unconscious by punching her in the back and kneeing her in the head.

He picked her up and dragged her across farmland and into the bush.

Boulter kept hold of a weapon and used it to threaten Montgomerie throughout the ordeal.

For over 38 hours, he kept her captive in the bush. She was barefoot and wearing just her singlet top and pyjama pants.

During that time he threatened her and subjected her to physical abuse, including pulling her hair out and attempting to strangle her.

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He told her he had killed her little brother, who was in the house that night.

On the second day of her captivity, Montgomerie managed to convince Boulter that she would walk with him to the island's wharf and they could escape together.

She convinced him to throw his weapon into a stream.

They were eventually found by searchers while they were walking along a pig-hunting track.

Boulter was arrested, while Montgomerie was reunited with her father and taken by helicopter to Auckland Hospital.

Boulter will be sentenced in June.

Information about Boulter's personal circumstances which the judge said could be mitigating factors will be presented to the court at his sentencing.

- Auckland Now

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