Sex offender teacher jailed for four years

08:12, May 18 2012
Te Rito Henry Miki
JAILED: Te Rito Henry Miki.

A sex offender who lied his way into working at six schools will spend four years in jail.
Te Rito Henry Miki, 40, was sentenced today by Judge Claire Ryan at the Auckland District Court after he was caught  deliberately evading an order designed to keep him away from children, who experts said he was likely to treat as prey.
Details of the psychologist's assessment used to create the order, and Miki's criminal history, can be revealed now the court case has closed.
Miki pleaded guilty in April to seven charges of using a fake CV and birth certificate to gain employment in the North Island schools, two which have won permanent name suppression.
He was also convicted on four counts of breaching parole conditions. His actions have sparked a Ministerial Enquiry, due out in June.
During the time of his offending, Miki was supposed to be adhering to the conditions of a 2010 Extended Supervision Order, used to protect the community from dangerous offenders.
It was drawn up after Miki was convicted on three counts of indecent assault and two of common assault on his 14-year-old nephew in 2004.

The order was meant to be applied from 2005, but Miki evaded the courts for five years after his prison release.
Miki's offending, which happened late at night in a family home, included skin to skin touching and punching his nephew in the head with a closed first.
When assessed by the psychologist for the court in 2010, Miki could not remember the boy's name.
His character, the psychologist said, was that of a psychopath and a sexual deviant.
He had multiple sexual and social issues including a lack of concern for others.
Miki had a proven intention and ability to deceive, and in one test was assessed as being twice as likely to sexually reoffend as the average offender. His risk of re-offending would increase over time.
Miki also characterised himself as a "predator" and emotionally identified with children, who he gravitated towards.
The previous report said that Miki was likely to commit further sexual offences against male children or adolescents.
"Victims are likely to be male members of his whanau, but possibly other young boys with whom he has nurtured a trusting, influential relationship," it said.
"Miki's past behaviour is suggestive of a protracted difficulty in controlling his sexual impulses."
The order was set down for ten years from 2010. By that time, Miki had already worked in several North Island school using his fake CV and fake teachers qualifications in a fake name.
He continued to work after the order was made, and it wasn't until January this year that he was caught when he was spotted driving a van-load of schoolchildren by a member of the public.
The person, who knew of his criminal history, rang the school principal and provided the school with a photograph of him confirming his true identity.
The court found that since his release from jail,  Miki had worked at three schools in the Bay of Plenty, one in Taranaki and two in Auckland.
Court documents show at least two principals became suspicious of Miki when he began working in schools in 2007.
At one school, Miki faked a brain tumour and said he was leaving the teaching profession when the principal aired his concerns.
The next school decided to employ Miki despite being told about his previous convictions and multiple aliases while doing reference checks.
"The principal has confronted the defendant who dismissed the claims stating he had a twin brother who was responsible for the convictions," a court summary reads.
It wasn't until the police became involved with Miki that his true identity was discovered by the principal who then terminated his employment.
After Miki left, the principal then went through his belongings and discovered documentation in another man's name.
The man was a friend of Miki's who had a legitimate teaching qualification.
Miki applied to change his friend's name, then notified the organisation who granted the qualification and the New Zealand Teaching Council of the name change, which he used to gain employment.
Despite these discoveries, it appears neither principal nor the police notified the Teaching Council about Miki's actions.
He was subsequently able to teach under the same alias at two Auckland schools, one for nearly a year.
This week, two Auckland schools Miki taught at in recent years were granted permanent name suppression by Judge Allison Sinclair in the Auckland District Court.
Judge Sinclair said the potential harm to the children and schools outweighed the right of the public to know their names in this case.
She noted the schools had been victims of Miki, and in this case it was unlikely naming the schools would bring forward other schools that had also been victims.
Four other schools Miki taught at during the past few years have been named.
Aliases used by Miki:
Te Rangihaeata Te Rito Wise
Te Rangihaeata Wise
Te Rangihaeata Te Ri Athrenos Wise
Terito Wise
Another alias, suppressed

The Schools Miki worked for:
Matapihi Primary School in Tauranga, from July 2009 to August 2009
Rotorua's Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Te Koutu, from October to December 2008
Rangitahi College in Murupara, from November 2007 to September 2008
Stratford Community Learning Centre from July to November 2007
An Auckland primary school (name suppressed)
An Auckland high school (name suppressed)