Man involved in outdoor dance parties convicted of multiple rapes

A man involved in the outdoor dance party scene has pleaded guilty to a range of sexual offences across the South Island.

Mateo Nixon, 30, appeared on Thursday in the Dunedin District Court where he was convicted of six charges of rape, three of unlawful sexual connection, two of indecent assault and two of sexual connection with a young person under 16.

In the summary of facts, it was stated Nixon was involved in the outdoor dance party scene at the time of offending "a scene characterised by binge drinking and drug taking".

He was employed in events production, and listed as living in Christchurch.

The offences occurred in homes and at outdoor dance parties across the South Island, between October 2009 and July 2012. They involved six different victims.

The summary detailed how five different female victims woke up to discover Nixon raping them.

The two charges of sexual connection with a young person under 16 were in 2011 against a high school student who had drunk alcohol and smoked marijuana and was unable to move or cry out when Nixon violated her when she was in bed.

Two charges were related to a festival in 2011 on the West Coast, where Nixon had a house.

A victim stayed at his house and awoke to him violating her, and later that night he raped her while she slept.

Later in the year, the same victim fell asleep at his home and woke to him indecently assaulting her.

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A 2011 rape victim reported she "crashed" in Nixon's room, and was almost asleep when he put his hand over her mouth and raped her.

Another victim in 2011 was raped by Nixon at a rave party in Canterbury. The summary said the woman was intoxicated and unable to consent and Nixon raped her on two separate occasions at the rave. On an earlier occasion, Nixon indecently assaulted the woman at his home.

A final charge of rape was in 2012, when the victim awoke to Nixon raping her. She said he was a "big man" and there was nothing she could do.

Nixon was interviewed by Dunedin police in March 2015. He told police all sexual connection was consensual, or he had inadvertently touched one of the victims. He also denied one of the victim's accounts.

He pleaded guilty to all charges and was remanded in custody for sentencing on August 21.

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