Lisa Blakie murderer Timothy Taylor denied parole

The memorial at Porters Pass for Lisa Blakie.

The memorial at Porters Pass for Lisa Blakie.

The man convicted of murdering Timaru woman Lisa Blakie has been denied parole.

Timothy Taylor will spend at least another 10 months behind bars after the parole board denied him parole at a hearing on January 21.

In a just-released decision, the parole board found that Taylor was still deemed to have a high-risk of reoffending.

Lisa Blakie

Lisa Blakie

The parole board found that Taylor had a long way to go before he could be eligible for release.

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He was described in a psychologist's report as being of high risk of general offending involving "criminal attitudes, violence, substance abuse, and gang relationships".

The decision also revealed that Taylor brought contraband into the prison in October last year, incurring a 28-day-forfeiture penalty.

Taylor appealed against that sanction, but eventually withdrew it.

At his parole hearing, he acknowledged that he was involved in the introduction of contraband and admitted that misconduct was a "significant setback" to his progress in prison.

He put the incident down to "bad decision-making", and did not seek parole.

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He had previously been involved in the attempted introduction of contraband to the prison, which he failed to disclose to the parole board when he last appeared before them in February 2015.

Taylor was convicted in 2002 of murdering 20-year-old Blakie.

Blakie caught a ride with the Darfield man on February 2, 2000, while hitchhiking to the West Coast.

Her bloody and bruised body was found four days later under a boulder near Arthur's Pass.

Taylor, who had an extensive criminal record, was convicted after the Crown argued Blakie was killed in an attack motivated by robbery and sex.  

He had always maintained he did not kill Blakie, but had never been willing to say who he thought had. 

He was serving a life sentence for the murder, which was imposed on May 25, 2000. The parole decision stated Taylor had a significant criminal history, involving dishonesty and the rape of a female in 1986.

Lisa Blakie's father, Doug Blakie, opposed parole, which he had done every year since Taylor became eligible.

He made the decision because Taylor had not sought parole, he said.

Taylor's lawyer, Pip Hall, declined to comment on the decision.

Taylor would be eligible for parole again in December.

Tuesday marked the 16th year since Blakie was killed.

Speculation had swirled around the possible involvement of other people in her death, with police seeking a DNA test from a man linked to the murder, at the request of Doug Blakie.

Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Murton, who worked on the case and gave evidence at Taylor's trial, said he was "completely confident" that Taylor killed Lisa Blakie.

All the evidence pointed to him acting alone, Murton said.

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