Two separate biting-related fights over the weekend in Napier

A woman is accused of biting a man's neck at Napier's The Thirsty Whale pub so hard, she hit an artery, causing serious ...

A woman is accused of biting a man's neck at Napier's The Thirsty Whale pub so hard, she hit an artery, causing serious blood loss.

A woman is accused of biting a man's neck so hard on the dance floor at a Napier pub she hit an artery, while another is accused of biting a woman's ear in a brawl in a supermarket carpark.

Police have arrested women over the two unrelated biting incidents in the Hawke's Bay town on the weekend.

On Saturday morning they were called to intervene in a scrap at the Maadi Rd New World supermarket carpark.

"It was a fight between three females and during the fight one of the females has bitten another one's ear and drawn blood. She hasn't bitten it off, but quite badly so she needed some medical attention, a Hawke's Bay District Command Centre spokesman said.

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It was unclear what the fight was about, he said.

Later that evening, police were called to a separate biting incident at a Napier pub.

The victim of the bar attacklost so much blood he had to go to hospital.

Police said a woman had jumped into a bar brawl at the waterfront tavern The Thirsty Whale, and bit one of the scuffling pair during the altercation early on Sunday.

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The woman had "intervened" in a fight between her brother and another man sinking her teeth into neck, police said.

The man lost so much blood he was admitted to hospital in a serious condition, the Hawke's Bay District Command Centre spokesmansaid.

"She obviously got the right spot."

The woman was arrested and the injured man had since been discharged from hospital, police said.

Thirsty Whale bar owner Chris Sullivan said the fight took place about 1am on Sunday.

Security footage showed two men, who Sullivan said didn't have drinks in their hands, apparently chatting and slapping each other on the back. 

Then something caused them to start brawling and the footage showed a bouncer stepping in to separate the pair.

The woman and the man fell over and her head connected with the area under his chin, Sullivan said.

The bouncer applied pressure to the wound to stop it bleeding until emergency services arrived.

The bar owner said he was "not trying to downplay" the incident – but he was not convinced of whether she actually bit him as he did not see teeth-marks.

The injured man's shirt was covered in blood and he had more of a "hole" or "gash" in his neck, Sullivan said.

"But I don't know – I'm not a specialist."

Sullivan was unimpressed at the behaviour of the trio, all of whom he had trespassed, saying he had not had the need to have the police to his establishment in two years.

"We've never seen these people before – they're certainly not locals."

"It's a very nice area. We're a restaurant – we do have a dancefloor on a Saturday night, but we have nice people ... people having a great time. But a couple that night clearly didn't."

The woman in the bar attack was charged with wounding the man, the police spokesman said.

There had been another family violence incident within the past week, also in Napier, where a person was bitten.

To deal with three serious assaults involving biting was unusual – but a coincidence, the spokesman said.

"It is a little bit weird."

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