Wanted men may be hiding near Arthur's Pass

WANTED: Ivan Campbell.
WANTED: Ivan Campbell.

Police are warning the public to be cautious in the Arthur's Pass area after a car belonging to a wanted man was found nearby.

Jamie Campbell, 25, also known as Alexander Paul Jones, is thought to be with Ivan Campbell, 46, and Jaydon Galland, 18, who absconded from the Salisbury Foundation in Merivale last Wednesday. 

Ivan Campbell and Galland are deemed to be high-risk offenders and should not be approached.

WANTED: Jamie Campbell, also known as Alexander Paul Jones.
WANTED: Jamie Campbell, also known as Alexander Paul Jones.

The three men are believed to be sleeping rough in the Klondyke Corner area, which is popular with hunters and trampers.

Detective Inspector Tom Fitzgerald said police believed the three missing men were sleeping in the bush or in huts, and may have made preparations to remain in the bush for some time.

It was possible the three men had been in the area since November 8.

WANTED: Jaydon Galland.
WANTED: Jaydon Galland.

"We would urge members of the public to avoid that area if at all possible, and not to park vehicles at Klondyke Corner,'' he said.

"Although we are not aware of any specific threat to the public, these are high-risk offenders and their behaviour may be unpredictable."

Police found a white Honda Civic abandoned on a back road at Klondyke Corner on Saturday.

It was confirmed today as belonging to Jamie Campbell. 

"It's vital that anyone who has seen these men, or any other unusual or suspicious activity, comes forward to police urgently," Fitzgerald said.

He said police were conducting extensive inquiries in the Arthur's Pass area, and West Coast police were assisting.

Galland is described as European, 1.77 metres tall, of medium build, with tattoos on his neck. 

Ivan Campbell is described as European, 1.77m tall, and of medium-thin build.

He has extensive tattoos on his face, neck and arms.

Campbell was jailed in 2001 after chaining a teenage boy up in a wardrobe and tattooing and sexually abusing him.

During his trial in the High Court in Auckland in 2001, Campbell was described by Detective Sergeant Adam Lough, officer in charge of the case, as a "calculating, manipulative sexual deviant who preys on teenage boys".

The Hells Angel associate held the 14-year-old boy captive in a wardrobe with shackles and chains, plied him with alcohol, performed a series of indecencies on him, poured hot wax on his body and branded his lower back, causing second-degree burns.

The boy escaped after being able to phone his family when Campbell left the house.

Campbell was also found guilty of sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy over a two-and-a-half-month period in 1991.

In 2009, the Corrections Department made a late bid to keep Campbell behind bars overs fears he would reoffend on release.

Any sightings of the men should be reported urgently to police by phoning 111 or the Christchurch police on 363 7400.

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