Angry mum seeks payment from vandals

Last updated 13:08 04/12/2012
Kim Westerink

UPSET: Kawai St resident Kim Westerink with her children, Jitske Rijnink 11, and Rowan Jones 10, with the family car that they believe was smashed up by drunken teenagers.

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A Nelson mother is demanding drunken vandals come forward and pay for trashing the family car, saying it's robbing her children of a Christmas holiday.

Kim Westerink said she was woken at 10.30pm on Saturday by a group of about eight drunken youths jumping on her Nissan Bluebird 1990 car, which was parked on the street outside her Kawai St home.

She and her partner saw the group of male and female teenagers jumping off a Bobcat, used for nearby roadworks which had been parked, and onto the roof of the car bonnet.

"They were young, extremely noisy and drunk. They woke my partner who got up and yelled at them."

She rang police, but they arrived a few minutes after the drunken group had left, she said.

The damaged car, with a smashed window and dented bonnet, remains parked by the corner of Kawai and Hampden streets with a message to the vandals.

A note on a car window says: "To the teenagers that did this to my car, can you please explain to my children why there will be no holiday this year."

Westerink said she wrote the message to let the vandals know the impact of their actions.

"I want them to know there are consequences for their actions and what they did is affecting someone else's life. They need to be held accountable," she said yesterday.

She had yet to take the car into the garage for an estimate of the repair work, but would do that within the next few days, giving the group some time to come forward.

The cost of a new car window or a new car door would take up any surplus money she had budgeted to spend on a trip away for a few days with her two children, Rowan Jones, 10, and Jitske Rijnink, 11, she said.

They had yet to make any plans for the holiday, but she said they were unable to afford to even entertaining the idea now.

Yesterday, the two children said they were gutted by the senseless damage.

"I'm pretty sad - I would ask them to please own up for their actions and cover the damage so we can have a holiday," Jitske said.

A Nelson police spokeswoman said groups of drunken teenagers were reportedly causing disturbances in several spots around the city before 10pm on Saturday.

Ten people were arrested for disorder type offences across the city.

"It looks like there was a pattern of a lot of noise and disorder around," she said.

Calls were received from the public about the disorder in the Kawai St area on Saturday, and a party in nearby Renwick Pl was closed down about 10.30pm.

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