Prison more interesting than home

23:02, Jun 05 2013

A 19-year-old convict on home detention is serving the final month of his sentence in prison because he found home life too boring.

In an interview with Marcus Lush on RadioLive this morning, Whangarei Senior Constable Paul Nicholas told of how the Whangarei teen - 10 months into an 11-month sentence of home detention - called police when it finally came to be too much.

Begging to be allowed to spend the rest of his sentence in prison, he threatened to remove his electronic monitoring bracelet if police didn't oblige.

Nicholas told Lush if the man had removed his ankle bracelet, police would have been forced to arrest him anyway for breach of his conditions.

He said it was an "odd" situation.

"It's the first time I've ever come across it... Perhaps he should have brought a PS3," he told Lush.

Nicholas said he had known the man for a while.

"He was in a fairly rural address, so whether he just didn't have any visitors or not... we don't know [why he wanted to go to prison]."

Nicholas told Lush he definitely would have followed through with the threat, which left police and the Department of Corrections "on the spot".

The teen is now spending the next month at the Ngawha Prison in Northland.