'Threatening' woman admits trespass charge

ANOTHER CHARGE: Margaret Mabel Dodds, 58, admitted trespassing at the Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre.
ANOTHER CHARGE: Margaret Mabel Dodds, 58, admitted trespassing at the Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre.

A woman with a threatening and often violent reputation has admitted another charge of trespassing at Pioneer Recreation and Sports Centre where she has been banned since July 2012.

Margaret Mabel Dodds, 58, a voluntary patient of Seagar Clinic at Princess Margaret Hospital, pleaded guilty in the Christchurch District Court before Judge David Saunders who knows her reputation.

Police prosecutor Glenn Henderson said she had gone into the reception area and sat down near the vending machine about 2.20pm on August 19. She said she had gone into the complex to use the toilet.

Dodds has been causing concerns by hanging about parks and other places where children gather and sometimes threatening them. People put a photograph and warning about her on Facebook, and it is understood her photograph has also appeared on noticeboards in school staffrooms.

Because she is a voluntary patient, Dodds is able to leave the clinic as she wishes during the day.

She was given a deferred sentence earlier this year on similar charges. She had been arrested for trespassing at the Pioneer centre after she was caught drinking glass cleaner, and for trespassing at the Cashmere Valley Reserve where she had been banned two months earlier.

At the time, she was banned from using all Christchurch Metro bus services.

Parents and teachers had called the police when she was seen hanging around Glenmoor and Shirley primary schools.

Dodds has been sent to jail three times for 19 assaults on her caregivers.

Judge Saunders said it was an ongoing problem because Dodds was continuing to breach court orders. She was continuing to go to places where she was not welcome, although he noted there had been no violence on this occasion.

Defence counsel Todd Nicholls asked for a remand for a pre-sentence report to be prepared but Judge Saunders was able to read a report that had been prepared previously, and decided to impose a sentence of 60 hours community work on the trespass charge.

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