Fergus Glen denied parole for murdering brother in Wainuiomata

Fergus Glen, of Wainuiomata, pleaded guilty of murdering his brother. (File photo)

Fergus Glen, of Wainuiomata, pleaded guilty of murdering his brother. (File photo)

At 50 years old Fergus Glen has only one criminal conviction, but it's a big one.

In March 2003 he murdered his brother Craig in his bed, with an axe, after Craig turned in for the night without thanking Fergus for cooking dinner.

Fergus Glen was still in prison serving the life imprisonment term imposed after he pleaded guilty to the murder in Wainuiomata.

A Parole Board refused to release Fergus Glen again this year.

No parole for Fergus Glen who killed his brother in Wainuiomata for meal slight

The board's decision said Glen was not expecting release for about two more years, but it was more hopeful and thought he might be out in about a year.

The board said Glen was making slow, steady progress on the path towards release. He had psychological treatment, and had been working "outside the wire" in the prison's stores unit.

He had previously worked in the prison staff training college for four years, and his work was said to be of a "very high standard". The name of the prison where Glen was held was removed from the board's decision.

Glen was looking forward positively to the chance of being released to attend work.

He was keen on motor sports and hoped to meet new people through that interest, to enlarge on the support he has from friends and family members, the board said.

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Glen became eligible for parole in March 2013 after serving 10 years of his sentence.

After his 2016 parole hearing a board said Glen's murder of his brother was "inexplicable".

Glen had told an earlier board, "It annoyed me that it got to that level. It got out of hand".

He had been unemployed and living with his parents in Wainuiomata when brother Craig, a father of three, returned home after separating from his wife.

The two brothers had been feuding and had come to blows a few months before.

The evening before the killing was reportedly happy, but Craig Glen had not thanked his brother for cooking dinner.

Fergus Glen had been drinking whisky and stayed up after the others had gone to bed.

Dark thoughts came over him, he fetched an axe and swung it eight times at the face and neck of his sleeping brother.

"He just annoyed me and I did it," he told police.

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