Commissioner blogs on Roast Busters

04:06, Nov 14 2013

Police Commissioner Peter Marshall has blogged about the Roast Busters scandal.

Marshall used his fortnightly blog on the police website to acknowledge police have made mistakes throughout the process.

"Police is made up of 12,000 men and women and, despite our best efforts, sometimes we don't get it right.

"I acknowledge there have been mistakes in communication, but I do not believe they reflect any supposed cultural malaise in relation to the 2007 Commission of Inquiry."

That Commission of Inquiry, headed by Dame Margaret Bazley, criticised the historical conduct, including sexual conduct, of some police officers and their associates.

It decided police needed to make important cultural changes, especially around dealing with victims of sexual assault.

Recently, some commentators had suggested this culture had not changed, a stance Marshall disagreed with.

It was paramount for police not to fail the victims of sexual assault, he said.

"...we can't afford to fail victims of sexual assault, and if we do the public will not forgive us.

"Nor should they, given the absolute importance of such investigations."


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