Riot party host unrepentant

Last updated 05:00 02/01/2014
Frankleigh St Party
John Kirk-Anderson

THE DAY AFTER: Police speak to the occupant of a Frankleigh St property after a New Year's Eve party got out-of-control.

Frankleigh St Party
John Kirk-Anderson
CLEAN-UP BEGINS: A person begins cleaning up after a party at a property on Frankleigh St was shut down by police.

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The teenage host of a New Year's Eve party that police said descended into "large-scale disorder" says he has no plans to apologise to his neighbours.

Police in riot gear shut down the party after up to 200 revellers began breaking windows and throwing bottles.

It was the second time in less than a week that a party at the house in Frankleigh St, Spreydon, had to be shut down by police after getting out of control.

Neighbours said they were tired of regular parties at the house, with teenagers using driveways as toilets and children drinking in the street.

Taylor Te Kata, 17, lives with his friend in the house, which is owned by his father. He does not plan to apologise to the neighbours as he would rather "leave it be".

He said he did not like his neighbours because of "the way they talk and what they do".

Te Kata said his father knew about the party and was "not too fussed". Te Kata said he did not plan to hold any more parties as he was leaving for Australia in a few weeks.

He was glad police arrived because the party was out of control. "Too many people showed up.

"Everyone was drunk and it blew up from a small party to blood on the street.

"People started throwing bottles and pushing each other over and stuff.

"It got on Facebook and it got out. I never put a single post on Facebook saying there was a party on," Te Kata said.

Almost every window in the house was smashed and doors were broken during the party.

Te Kata said his father was a builder, and planned to renovate and sell the house.

Neighbours, who did not wish to be named, said they were tired of disruptive parties at the house.

One described the party-goers as "idiots". He said there had been "about four or five" out-of-control parties at the property in the past six weeks.

"This is not the first time.

"I don't know what they're up to. It's really annoying.

"I'm looking forward to them not being here any more.

"It's a pretty difficult situation for the police.

"The other night [on Saturday] I think we counted 50 police here. Two paddywagons. It was pretty full on."

Another neighbour said the parties had been happening for weeks.

"It has been really bad. They're kids. They are 13, 14 years old - guzzling beer. Kids of that age shouldn't be drinking liquor.

"They went in with riot gear on last night.

"I rang 111 when it got really bad. I said: You better get out here quick because somebody is going to get killed. They were standing out on the street and when cars came around the corner they just ran into a mob of kids.

"There were dozens of them using [a neighbour's driveway] as a toilet - girls and boys. It has just got to be stopped."

Police said 11 safety unit staff in full protective equipment and shields were called to the house about 11.30pm on New Year's Eve after the occupier requested their help.

Six alcohol infringement offence notices were issued and two people were arrested for disorderly assembly.

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A large amount of glass was thrown at officers, giving police good cause to wear full protective gear while at the New Year's Eve party.

Police said revelry in the rest of Christchurch was "uneventful".

- The Press

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