Trip opens up mind, career path

China is far more relevant to NZ than he imagined, Sam Brosnahan is learning.

Preschooler drunk on hand sanitiser

40mls of alcohol-based hand sanitiser, the estimated amount a four-year-old drank before becoming grossly intoxicated.

Ministry investigates how child got drunk at preschool and will warn early childhood centres about alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

Man's teaching passion

The number of male teachers in New Zealand schools continues to decline despite the Ministry of Education's attempts to fix the gender imbalance.
Palmerston North teacher Stephen Baker with kids Max, 3, and Harry, 5.

He once stacked knuckles at a freezing works, now he can't imagine working in anything but education.

Dodgy testimonials investigated

gavel and manilla folder

Private boarding school teacher put on "garden leave" after writing inappropriate comments on student reports.

Woolston embraces merger

BRIGHT AND BREEZY: Woolston School acting principal Ruth Stuart says the 150-year-old school has been through many changes.

Woolston School has seen its final days before it merges with Phillipstown next year.

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