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Silence on board's resignation

Silverdale Normal School Parents of children at a Waikato school are demanding answers about why a commissioner has been brought in.

Minister not surprised by decision

Hekia Parata Education Minister Hekia Parata says she isn't surprised by a teachers' union's decision to reject a government policy.

Refugee kids need wheels

stolen van A stolen van means more than just the loss of transport for one man. It could affect an entire homework group.

Teachers vote no

A teacher writes on a blackboard Thousands of teachers have overwhelmingly rejected the Government's $359 million education policy.

Social inequality worsens

graduate_thumbnail The gap in social equality between European people and Maori and Pacific people is worsening, study shows.

Teaching is my theatre

classroom Eve McSoriley says teaching is great, but you need a sense of humour if you're going to get through.

A very steep learning curve

Costas Thrasyvoulou is nearly finished his teacher training and says it's the toughest thing he has done.

No breaks for teachers

We are about the children

Funding 'pitiful' for school with needs

Linda Munkowits A tight budget hasn't stopped Manuka Primary School in Auckland from enrolling more special needs children.

Principal a fan of standards

The principal of Elm Park School is a fan of publishing her school's National Standards results.

The ambulance at the top of the cliff

Govt doesn't count 'miracles'

School sets its own standards

Waerenga School's principal puts its success down to involving parents in their children's learning and targeting kids who are slipping behind.

IT 'geeks' have the last laugh

keyboard You might be called a computer nerd, but the odds are stacked in your favour for getting a job, and a well-paying one at that.

IT industy offers rich rewards

Smart with numbers? Good with technology? The IT and tech industries await your call.

Fun to be had with 'nerd' study

Advice on working in IT

What it's like working in IT

Jonathan Eagle is a developer at tech firm Fronde. He talks about what his job involves and why he likes it.