'Kids miss out in teacher turf war'

Teaching is a noble profession but as always, politics comes into it.

Opinion: Former Labour Prime Minister Peter Fraser believed that "every person, whatever his level of academic ability, whether he be rich or poor, whether he live in town or country, has a right as a citizen, to a free education of the kind for which he is best fitted, and to the fullest extent of his powers."

Gen survives 'the bear pit'

Youth Parliament Mt Albert MP Gennevieve White could get used to the perks of the office.

Youth Parliament opens doors the the inner workings of the New Zealand Government.

Post-it Pokemon

Pikachu completes the trio. thought some students have asked for Charmander.

Is that Pikachu in the window of a uni library?

School to offer bilingual class

Paraparaumu schoolteacher Gina Sarich will teach the school's new English-Te Reo Maori bilingual class, beginning next year.

Paraparaumu School are starting a bilingual te reo Maori primary school class, in a bid to revitalise the language in the district. 

Addicted teacher's registration cancelled

Teacher Rafe Fannin was sentenced in Auckland District Court.

He stole the identity of another man to feed his gambling addiction.

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