Students to apologise for Nazi regalia stunt

20:59, Oct 24 2009

A group of Auckland Grammar School students will apologise to staff at the Auckland War Memorial Museum and explain why they were bowing and saluting before Nazi symbols.

The photos - uploaded to a social networking website - showed them kissing a swastika, bowing before a Nazi banner and making a Nazi salute, while attending an exhibition.

Museum spokeswoman Karen Mason told Radio New Zealand staff were shocked and disgusted by the youths' behaviour.

RSA president Robin Klitscher told TVNZ the group appeared to be ignorant of what they had done.

"I would like them to come and see me. And I'll do my best to explain to them exactly where they've gone wrong, because they have gone seriously wrong," he said.

"I don't think it's an occasion to vilify these kids. It's an occasion to pity them."

Auckland Grammar principal John Morris said the students were aware of what the Nazi symbol represented and the students were interviewed once the school was notified of the photos.

TVNZ said it understood one of the students had already been stood down.