Students face exclusion after motel incidents

Victoria University students alleged to have trashed motels in Rotorua last week face a maximum punishment of exclusion from the institute for two years.

About 130 of the university's students were in Rotorua for the University Games and a number have been blamed for vomit and broken bottles strewn throughout two motels.

They were evicted from the Havana Motor Lodge and Cleveland Motel following reports of drunken partying that lasted until 3am.

Moteliers said rooms were littered with vomit, alcohol and glass and some equipment was damaged.

Students were evicted on Wednesday and Thursday and owners said damage amounted to several thousand dollars.

Cleveland Motel told 88 Victoria University students to leave.

Owner Cynthia Hawkins said staff had to shampoo 30 rooms after people vomited and left beer bottles throughout.

Victoria University vice-chancellor Pat Walsh said he met student leaders today and asked for a detailed report on the incidents.

"I am very concerned about this issue and it is my firm view that any inappropriate behaviour by students is unacceptable," he said.

Prof Walsh said the university had a statute governing student behaviour and set procedures applying in circumstances where acceptable standards of conduct were not met.

"The statute covers any conduct which directly relates to a person's status as a student of the university including behaviour while in attendance at the University Games.

"Penalties under the student conduct statute range from being required to give an apology to an aggrieved party, to an exclusion from enrolment for up to two years."

Senior Sergeant Brent Crowe of the Rotorua police said officers went to the Cleveland Motel on Thursday and spoke to the owner and students before reaching a resolution.