Scots College students expelled for dealing drugs

Seven students have been expelled from one of Wellington's most exclusive boys' colleges for dealing illegal drugs on school grounds.

The Scots College students, some as young as 13, were caught supplying and smoking marijuana after some of their peers complained to teachers.

It is only the second time in 20 years the school has dealt with such an incident.

The school's headmaster, Graeme Yule, said he found out about the drugs last week, and yesterday suspended five students and expelled seven others.

The drug ring had probably been going on since the end of last term, Mr Yule said.

"The parents and families of these students are devastated," he said.

"It's a very difficult time for everyone involved."

Most of the parents, especially those of the Year 9 students were shocked that their children were using drugs, the headmaster said.

"I think in [the Year 9 students'] case it's largely come about out of naivety," he said.

Mr Yule said the names of the boys - and those outside the school suspected of passing drugs on to students - would now be passed on to police.

"This issue is a lot bigger than just Scots. It is a societal issue," he said.

"My plea is that we find the people at the top of the food chain and get rid of them."