White supremacist posters displayed across University of Auckland

White supremacist posters appeared on Auckland University campus on Monday morning.

White supremacist posters appeared on Auckland University campus on Monday morning.

White supremacy propaganda has been plastered across University of Auckland just weeks after a controversial 'European Club' for students disbanded.

Posters went up overnight along Symonds St and other areas on campus calling for the prevention of "white genocide".

White supremacist group "Western Guard" is behind the posters.

The posters have the phrases "white lives matter", "let's take our country back" and "Hey white man! Only you can prevent white genocide."

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Dr Thomas Gregory, a lecturer in politics and international relations at the university, said he spent his morning pulling down the posters.

Spent my morning removing vile neo-nazi posters from around the UoA campus. We need action @AucklandUni @AUSAStudents

The posters appeared just weeks after a European Club had to formally disband amid claims of white nationalism and alleged threats of violence. 

University of Auckland Student's Association president Will Matthews said people put posters up on campus all the time. 

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"We can't stop people putting posters up, but the university has instructed security to take any offensive ones down," he said.

Matthews said the posters were an isolated incident and could be in response to the European Club.

"If we get wind of offensive or racist groups on campus we'll take action immediately."

The European Club rejected accusations of racism, however its use of Celtic symbols, commonly used by white supremacist groups suggested otherwise.

The Western Guard, through an anonymous spokesperson, said the sociopolitical climate in New Zealand, and many other western countries was anti-white.

"It's time white people started looking out for our own interests."

A statement on the university's website said it had zero tolerance for discrimination and it was committed to being safe, inclusive and equitable. 

"The university values and upholds the rights of freedom of expression and of academic freedom, however these rights are accompanied by responsibilities, including respect for the health, safety and wellbeing of our diverse students and staff, and compliance with the law and with university requirements."

The university had received complaints and was investigating the posters.

An earlier version of the story quoted a Samantha Haid, who identified as an economics student at the University of Auckland, but Stuff has been unable to verify her identity. The university said it does not have a student enrolled under that name.

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