Immigration visa scam at Wintec

A bogus Immigration official is allegedly bullying Wintec students to pay them to stay in the country.

One student was so scared that she paid the scammer more than $900.

However, her friends were dubious of the "official" and took the woman to Hamilton police where they told her to go straight to her bank and reverse the payment to Western Union.

The scammer appears to have a man's voice and seems to be phoning the students and making monetary demands, threatening them with deportation.

Waikato police spokesman Andrew McAlley said two students had gone to police on Tuesday but neither wanted to lay an official complaint.

The second student went to police where she rang a phone number given to her by the "official" and even answered "Department of Immigration".

However, when the girl replied that she was handing the phone over to police the "official" hung up.

McAlley said any Government official would handle matters in writing.

A Wintec spokeswoman urged other students to contact police if they came into contact with a person claiming to be an Immigration official.

In a statement, Immigration New Zealand said they were aware of the scam.

"These callers tell the person that there has been a problem with their visa or arrival card information and demand that they pay money into a Western Union account or face serious consequences, such as deportation. These calls are not from Immigration New Zealand.

"These calls seem to be targeting people from India. Often the caller has some details of the person they are speaking to, such as the name, date of birth or address. They may also quote reference numbers, although these do not appear to match Immigration New Zealand client or application numbers.

"If you receive one of these calls, do not pay the money the caller has demanded. We advise you to contact the New Zealand Police to report the call."

Waikato Times