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Why I teach: Embracing individuality

Bruno gets the group hug he looks forward to every Friday.
Bruno gets the group hug he looks forward to every Friday.

I teach because I love the energy and variety of my day.

Kids are awesome and I choose to teach in a low-decile school because I think those students deserve the best teachers to help them reach their full potential.

What other job gives you the opportunity to read, sing, create art and drama, ride the bike track, play fantastic maths games and have an amazing in-depth relationship with about 26 new people and their whanau every year?

Every student has so much potential, and the challenge to help them unlock that and find their passion is uplifting (and sometimes quite comic!).

I am lucky enough to be in a school where individuality is embraced so can indulge in my love of animals within the classroom. The Room Eight zoo is open for business five days a week, including Mr Pinkwhistle the sphynx, Bruno the greyhound and other visiting creatures that the children really enjoy spending time with.

You don't teach for the money, you teach because it is your passion. The whole community needs to be responsible for the love, support and development of this most vulnerable group and teachers work very, very hard to support the community in doing this intense job.

Being a good role model and also being consistent and fair all the time is part of the challenge of teaching, considering teachers are human too (even though some students would dispute this!).

Just remember, if you can read this, then thank a teacher!