Prime suspect disappears

Bea Daleon and her parents Benedict and Margie Daleon.

The prime suspect in an unsolved child homicide has moved to a country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with NZ.

Moko was not alone in death video

Taupo boy Moko Rangitoheriri, 3, was beaten to death by his caregivers.

The love and care Moko's lifeless body was finally shown brought Duncan Garner to tears.

Social worker told of abuse

Moko Sayviah Rangitoheriri died at the hands of caregiver Tania Shailer and her boyfriend, David Haerewa.

But neither CYFs nor the women's refuge involved ever visited the home or checked on Moko.

'Lay charges or leave us alone'

Raynar-Lee Thompson-Hatley was four months old when he died from head injuries on April 19, 2013. Police began an ...

Three years after a baby's death, police are still investigating, but won't say why.

Baby-killer finally confesses

Mikara Reti, who was five months old when Trent Hapuku took his life in January 2011.

He put Mikara Reti's family through two trials. Now Trent Hapuku has admitted to killing his partner's baby.

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We need to talk about stepdads

Hints he was about to be accused of molesting one of his two stepdaughters is what is thought to have driven Masterton ...

What do fairytales and birds have to do with why stepdads kill?

Killers who strike without warning video

They're the child killers who come from all walks of life and often strike with little warning.

'You lost control'

NZ's poor report card for child deaths


Not another broken promise

New Zealanders need to look at the faces of these children - they were all killed due to abuse or maltreatment.

It's expected to be the biggest reform since CYF was set up, so it had better do something.

'Please, don't turn away' stuff nation

There were so many signs I was being abused. Nobody did anything.

Dr Patrick Kelly: "If we gave priority to addressing income inequality, child poverty, overcrowding and the flood of ...

The child abuse policy cycle

Child abuse policy has been under-funded, inconsistently implemented and poorly evaluated.


'To be Maori, we don't hit kids'

Flax woven sleeping pods are one initiative being used to keep infants safe.

Community and marae agencies are stepping up and owning the issue of child abuse.

Live chat replay: confronting abuse

Catch up on our discussion with chief social worker Paul Nixon.

26112015 News Photo: Peter Meecham/ Fairfax NZ
Labour list MP Jacinda Ardern and new Sunday Star Times columnist, ...

'It's not a good place to be a child' video

Labour's Jacinda Ardern weighs in on New Zealand's "appalling" child abuse statistics.

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