Fraud accused doc: Pray yourself better

Waikato hospital. A doctor accused of fraud worked for the Waikato DHB.

A patient is angry over the advice and medication she was given by a doctor accused of fraud.

Obese teens need surgery access video

Keightley Teece,18, who lost over 70kg following bariatric surgery last year, with his 4XL overalls.

Weight-loss surgery is being denied to the growing population of obese teenagers, a surgeon says.

Big Sugar blames parents

Stock Photo - Child try to smile with decay teeth  tooth decay dental care 
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The soft drink industry says "don't blame us" for the rotting teeth of toddlers.

Flu at epidemic level

The influenza outbreak has reached epidemic levels and Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Dr Alistair Humphrey says there is no sign of it slowing.

Flu rates have reached epidemic levels across New Zealand.

Flu at epidemic levels

The flu season has reached epidemic levels this winter.

The flu season has gone crazy in the past week, soaring to epidemic levels.

Exhausted Katie's energy-sapping ordeal

Katie McCann contemplates another day fighting the rare autoimmune disease, Juvenile Dermatomyositis

"There's no spark there. That's really hard to see," says mum of girl suffering from rare, incurable disease.

Sick from cold, damp house

Mould coats the ceiling in all three bedrooms. The main bedroom, pictured, is the worst.

Lack of housing insulation has been blamed for a Wellington boy's rheumatic fever.

No bitter pill to swallow in TPP deal

Concerns the impact of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement on Pharmac have featured in protests against the proposed trade deal.

OPINION: The TPPA could boost the NZ economy by $2b a year, allow better access to goods.

What Coca Cola does to your body

Replacing fizzy drinks with water and lemon juice is a healthier option.

We know Coca Cola is full of sugar. Despite this, we continue to drink it but this might change your mind.

Unlikely that babies seen as 'lab rats'

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley was furious at officials who suggested an observational trial on 60,000 newborns to check abuse-predictor tool.

Officials proposing study to see whether children would get abused wouldn't have thought of them as "lab rats", ethics expert says.

More money for nurse training

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has announced more funding for high-level nurses.

As Wellington's hospitals reach near full capacity, Government moves to boost senior nursing staff.

Transplant recipient takes first breaths video

Alana Taylor, 28, has suffered from cystic fibrosis since birth. She received a double-lung transplant on Wednesday.

A Christchurch woman who received new lungs has taken her first breaths.

More mobile needle exchanges needed to meet ambitious Hepatitis C target

Health leaders are calling for more needle exchanges to reduce the number of people contracting Hepatitis C.

More needle exchange initiatives are urgently needed to control the silent epidemic of Hepatitis C, health leaders say.

Liver disease disrupts refugee family's plans

Fitim Rudi suffers from chronic liver disease and had a liver transplant in 2012.

Fitim Rudi has been battling chronic liver disease for most of his life. His family came to New Zealand as refugees from Kosovo and would love to take him back there for a family reunion.

Pompe disease sufferer calls for funding video

Samantha Lenik is one of seven Kiwis diagnosed with Pompe Disease but can't afford the unfunded treatment.

One of only seven New Zealanders diagnosed with the potentially fatal Pompe disease is calling for the government to follow Australia and fund treatment for the disease.

Life-saving call for transplant recipient video

Alana Taylor, 28, has suffered from cystic fibrosis since birth. She received a double-lung transplant on Wednesday.

Alana Taylor's life has been hanging on a phone call.

Govt blocks experiment on child abuse

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley has halted an experiment which would have seen 60,000 children monitored for two years to see if they were abused.

Minister furious at officials who suggested not intervening in high-risk child abuse cases.

First autism support service for the Waikato

A lego group is one of the support systems that has helped children with autism build confidence and social skills.

A support service for people living with autism is now available in the Waikato

Plea in bath manslaughter case

Palmerston North teen Nathan Booker died after being found submerged in a bath while in respite care.

Woman says she is not guilty of killing 15-year-old Nathan Booker, who died after being found submerged in a bath.

'Catching' babies in Vanuatu

The Wintec students are off to Vanuatu.

They'll be helping some 'pretty flipping busy' Ni-Vanuatu midwives in a clinic with about 10 births a day.

NZ packaged food ultra-processed, unhealthy

The majority of packaged food available in New Zealand supermarkets is ultra-processed and so is also the unhealthiest food available.

New Zealand's supermarkets have been accused of supplying consumers with too many ultra-processed, unhealthy foods made by companies with a monopoly on food.

DHB staff not taking leave

Wairarapa Hospital Masterton Hospital A&E Accident and Emergency DHB Ambulance

For many of Wairarapa health board's 500 staff it is a case of all work and no play.

Toddlers with rotten teeth

A 3-year-old had 11 teeth extracted after being given Coke in a sipper bottle throughout the day.

Children still in nappies are having their rotten teeth pulled out - and sugar is being blamed.

$1.7b in health cuts - Labour

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says the health sector has received record amounts of funding.

Health funding has been slashed by $1.7 billion in last five years, Labour says. 

Nearly half Waikato DHB docs foreign

NZ First politician Barbara Stewart said we have a serious dependency on overseas medical staff.

Foreign recruits make up 41 per cent of Waikato DHB's doctors, figures show.

Health board funding 'unlikely' to change

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says changes to DHB funding are unlikely.

The health minister has moved to allay fears District Health Boards could face major changes to funding.

Cannabis news 'exciting' - Renton

Rose Renton, mother of Alex Renton, says that Pharmac's decision "paves a way forward for approving cannabis for others."

Campaigner welcomes news medicinal cannabis spray may receive public funding.

Same-name CV used

The alleged fraudster was working for the health board as a consultant psychiatrist..

Man allegedly stole another man's identity to get job as psychiatrist in Waikato.

Two-hour wait for ambulance

A New Plymouth footballer had to wait about two hours for an ambulance to show up after he broke his leg during a game on Saturday.

A footballer who broke his leg during a game had to wait almost two hours for an ambulance to show up.

New placement to attract graduates video

Tamahere Eventide resident Jo Mellar talks to Wintec nursing student Megen Peckham.

A first-of-it's kind placement in the Waikato hopes to retain nursing graduates.

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