Sugary drinks must be legislated against - researchers

Fizz is a group of researchers and public health doctors who want an end to the sale of sugary drinks

Sugar needs to be looked at in the same way as alcohol and tobacco if our health system is to cope in the future, health researchers say.

Paracetamol a potential life-saver

Fever-fighting paracetamol was found to have some positive effects on patients in the ICU with infections.

Doses of ordinary paracetamol may help patients recover from infections more quickly, Kiwi study says.

Record suicides 'appalling' - Chief Coroner

A record 564 people committed suicide in New Zealand in the year to July 1, 2015.

A record number of New Zealanders are killing themselves, with young men the biggest victims.

TPPA reassurances 'ring hollow'

Trade Minister Tim Groser says Kiwis will not pay more for medicines as a result of the TPPA, but public health advocates remain sceptical.

Doctors say reassurances the TPPA will not make medicines more expensive for Kiwis ring hollow. 

Kiwi bloke relates to Toni Street on disease

Calvin credits his wife, Vicki Honore, for looking after him so well.

"I do remember coming out of hospital and looking at my kids and breaking down in tears."

Prayer treatment for addicts

Prayer is being successfully used by Salvation Army health professionals in  treating alcohol and drug addiction, according to an independent University of Otago report.

Prayer is successfully treating alcohol and drug addiction in the Waikato.

Grandmother's heartache

Eleanor Bensemann with some of the letters her grandson Daniel Bensemann has written her while in prison.

When Eleanor Bensemann found out her grandson was homeless she would sit down for dinner each night and wonder if he was going without.

Running on anti-inflams damaging - expert

Long distance runner Mike Sheridan, 56, of Eastbourne, says he will keep using anti-inflammatories despite the health risks.

They are used to help sore legs running, but anti-inflammatories treatments could be dangerous.

Male midwife in training

Midwifery student Glen Valentine says people are surprised to hear what he's chosen to study.

Glen Valentine is one of few men working in the midwifery business.

Fatter men, skinnier women earn more

Obese men earn more than their average-sized counterparts.

Obese men earn $140 per week more, but obese women $60 less, than their average-sized peers.

Staff 'forced' to sign leak statement

Labour acting leader Annette King says Ministry of Health staff dissatisfaction is "unprecedented", after senior managers were forced to sign documents about a leak of controversial DHB reform proposals.

"Unprecedented" disquiet at Ministry of Health as staff forced to swear they weren't source of leak.

Leg it for Elizabeth

Elizabeth Millen, 2, has cerebral palsy and will have surgery in America next year to help her walk if her mother, Stacey Millen, can raise the $120,000 needed to pay for it.

Elizabeth Millen, 2, has cerebral palsy and needs an expensive operation to help her walk.

NZ fertility firm reproducing Asian success

rowing wealth in Southeast Asia is helping fuel demand for expensive in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment.

Growing wealth in Southeast Asia is helping fuel demand for expensive IVF treatment.

NZ funds pet projects but not life-saving drug treatment

Linda Ashley is a terminal cancer patient who needs a specific drug which will cost her more than $200,000 because it is unfunded.

One patient described the hurt at having to forgo crucial cancer treatment due to the cost, and then watch the Government spend $1m on pandas.

Hospital cleared on superbug death

Andrea Tabernacle, of Napier, was training to be a nurse when she died in Wellington Hospital in 2009.

More than five years since her daughter's death in Wellington Hospital, Rozalia Biczo is still fighting.

Dying woman's warning: get yearly mammograms

Christchurch mother Niki Hibbert 50 has been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

When Nikki Herbert was told she had two to three years to live, she thought, "how on earth are we going to tell the kids?".

GP retires on Stewart Island


The retirement of Stewart Island's GP has left residents feeling uncertain about the future of their health.

Private health data spilled

An email error has leaked the private health data of 24,000 Kiwis to 950 pharmacists.

An email blunder has leaked the private health data of 24,000 Kiwis.

Family's plea for medicinal marijuana

Alisha Butt's parents say she needs Sativex to prevent multiple and ongoing daily seizures.

Sativex is the only treatment that has reduced Alisha Butt's seizures, but her family can't afford it.

Wellington paramedics fight to work

Two Wellington Free Ambulance paramedics are fighting to get their jobs back after they were dismissed over alleged bullying and intimidating behavior.

Fired Wellington paramedics win latest court battle.

Interest grows in Fat Studies university course

The Fat Studies course looks at anti-fat attitudes and how they impact on the health and well-being of fat people.

OPINION: Fat Studies is as legitimate as any other field of study, senior lecturer says.

What's your emergency? gallery video

Siren and Steve Deluxe, with baby girl Minty and her brother Cannon. Steve delivered Minty on the bathroom floor of their Auckland home, with help from a St John call handler.

Media have never been allowed into a St John 111 call centre - until now.

Deanna back home and cancer-free video

Deanna Marsden with her 800 cancer treatment beads, her mother DJ Lambert, sister Rebecca Marsden and father Adam Marsden back in their Nelson home after months of cancer treatment including radical surgery to her right leg.

After an amputation and 10 months of chemotherapy, Deanna Marsden is happy to be back in Nelson.

Deficit not pretty but progress being made - SDHB acting commissioner

Southland Hospital in Invercargill

The Southern DHB new financial year is not off to a good start but commissioners are convinced it will get better.

Will NZ achieve Smokefree 2025?

New Zealand led the world in its campaign against smoking, but has it been overtaken?

Calls for bolder steps as the deadline looms for NZ to stub out smoking.

Still working while on 12-hour dialysis

Adelle McBeth, rt, with husband Mick. Adelle has been battling kidney disease since she was 12 years old.

Adelle McBeth needs a new kidney, but she isn't sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring.

When should we choose our own medicine?

A loosening of pharmacy guideline could see more complimentary medicines, such as homeopathy, sold over the counter.

What pharmacists sell is not always what the doctor ordered.

Report gives insight into DHB complaints

Health and Disability Commission complaints

Complaints about poor communication and disrespectful staff attitudes are among concerns about the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board fielded by a national health watchdog.

Combating contagion

Infection control nurse, Vicki Parry inside an isolation room during Waikato hospital's preparation for the SARS epidemic in 2009.

Great Barrier Island is not the typical venue for a discussion about global pandemics and the possible end of civilisation as we know it.

Health board targets diet soft drinks

Nelson Marlborough District Health Board principal dental officer Dr Rob Beaglehole.

The Nelson Marlborough District Health Board may move to extend its ban on sugary drinks, the board's principal dental officer says.

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