Smokefree bus shelters?

The Christchurch City Council wants to discourage bus passengers from lighting up at city bus stops and shelters.

Bus stops and shelters throughout Christchurch could soon be designated smoke-free areas.

Doctor wrongly prescribes growth hormone

Doctor admits prescribing growth hormones.

An Auckland doctor has admitted 20 charges in relation to the irresponsible prescribing of various anabolic steroids and human growth hormone.

Govt health cost-cutting scheme to shut

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has announced the date for HBL's closure

The Government's beleaguered health cost-cutting scheme will be wound up by the end of the month.

'Paradigm shift' in cancer treatment

A cancer cell.

A huge cancer trial will sort patients into treatment groups based on genetic mutations in their tumours, rather than by cancer type.

Abortion groups take fight to court

Two sides of the abortion debate were at court.

Right to Life lobbies inside court, while pro-choicers protest on the footpath outside.

Mental health move slammed

Labour's health spokeswoman Annette King says social bonds in the mental health sector are "a disaster in the making".

Labour says the Government's use of social bonds in the area of mental health is "a disaster in the making". 

Lecretia Seales' condition worsens

Terminally ill Wellington lawyer Lecretia Seales, who has taken a case to the High Court in Wellington over wanting the option to have a medically-aided death, was served a meal at home by chef Sam Pope last month.

A terminally-ill Wellington lawyer fighting for the right to end her own life might not live to hear the verdict.

Students say no to junk food

Marlborough Girls' College students, from left, Stella Blake, 15, Sophie Robinson, 15, and Grace Lawson, 15, are giving up junk food for a month in support of a friend who is battling cancer.

Marlborough teens go cold turkey on junk food as a show of support for a school friend who is battling cancer.

Marathon stalls woman in labour video

Melissa Allison with newborn son, William, and husband, Aaron and Jacob, 2. The couple were seriously delayed getting to Christchurch Women's Hospital for William's birth by the running of the Christchurch Marathon.

Mother in labour one of several patients whose trip to hospital was delayed by Christchurch Marathon.

Cancer cure drug breakthrough

Lung cancer is one of the cancers responding to a game-changing new class of drugs that cure the disease.

Groundbreaking new drugs can cure terminal cancer - but you'll need to be super rich to afford them.

Single mother gives son her kidney

Jasher Kerapa, 6, will no longer be on daily dialysis after receiving a kidney from his mum, Naomi Davies.

A devoted Hamilton mum saves her boy by giving him her kidney.

Rare syndrome part of family's life

Teenager Logan Meikle cannot smile even when he wants to because he has Mobius Syndrome which has paralysed his facial muscles. His father Peter takes him for a walk in his wheelchair most days around Timaru and wishes people would just accept his son.

Peter Meikle doesn't want to think about his son Logan's future or who will look after him when he and his wife are too old to do so.

Counsellor supports sex ed guidelines

Sex education guidelines have been revised for the first time since 2002.

A Marlborough counsellor has welcomed moves to encourage teachers to cover consent and coercion in sex ed lessons.

Site sheds light on mental health

26052015. News Photo. Stacy Squires.
Fairfax. For Mainland Live. Janelle McNeil is helping to raise awareness of mental health issues, through her role as a lead for Neighborly. (Note! Neighbourly is a New Zealand owned company founded by a team of individuals passionate about building stronger, safer and more vibrant communities)

A Woolston woman is using community website Neighbourly to encourage others to be open about mental health.

Doc's assault secret

Despite his experience, Qinglin Wang  struggled to get an internship at the Canberra Hospital

A British doctor who indecently assaulted a woman while working at an NZ hospital was never reported.

Desperate quest for cannabis oil video

Nelson teenager Alex Renton has been in a coma in Wellington Hospital since April 8.

Treatment for a young man in an induced coma for 54 days is being held back because of the politics around medicinal marijuana.

Life after a double mastectomy

Fleur Truscott, with Beau, 2, and Jett, 9. Truscott had a double mastectomy in March to reduce her chances of developing breast cancer.

"What I always said was, I love my boys more than I loved my chest."

Obesity key in cancer crisis

Experts say "staggering" rates of obesity are responsible for the growth of 10 common cancers.

A middle-aged cancer epidemic is being blamed on the West's poor diet and overly generous portions.

Concerns over growth of illicit cigarette trade in New Zealand

A container containing close to 3 million counterfeit cigarettes in Tonga has been seized by customs officials in Tonga.

Measles scare at SkyCity hotel


A case of measles identified in Manawatu has been traced back to Auckland's SkyCity hotel and there are fears other guests may have been infected.

On living with Crohn's

Reporter Emily Spink is determined to raise awareness of Crohn's disease to shed light on the invisible disease.

Most look at me and only see a blue-eyed and freckled, 20-something, who loves to run and dance.

Oldie's premium pain

Older people are finding it hard to afford health insurance.

Hefty price rises drive older people to accept excesses of up to $4000 on health insurance policies.

$5m paid out for health claims

Health generic

Knees, hips, skin and bowels are the body parts people in the Manawatu seem to have the most trouble with.

TDHB wants fluoride back

Taranaki District health Board says fluoride in the water is safe and is effective in helping prevent tooth decay.

Community water fluoridation is safe, effective and affordable, according to the Taranaki District Health Board.

Injuries at school prove costly

Children born in July 2010 can skip their pre-school year altogether and move straight into prep in 2015.

Manawatu school scrapes cost over $400,000 in five years, but educators say kids don't need cotton wool.

Strike may delay treatment

Health generic

Palmerston North Hospital's cancer radiation treatment has been cut back as health workers strike over pay negotiations.

Calls for surgical mesh inquiry

Complications arising from the use of surgical mesh are thought to occur in 20 per cent of cases.

Two women suffering after surgical mesh procedures went awry plead for a formal inquiry.

Seales 'can't choose time of death'

Lawyer Lecretia Seales has turned to the court to affirm her rights.

Judge thanks dying lawyer for bringing her case to court.

DHB rejects national food contract

Hawke's Bay DHB is first in country to shun a proposed national food service for all health boards.

Board members question logic of flying frozen food to "fruitbowl of the country".

Abortion privacy laws should stay as is

Stratford mother Hillary Kieft watches National MP Chester Borrows sign her family petition seeking a change to the law that allows teenagers to have abortions without their parents' knowledge.

Current laws around parental notification for termination procedures should stay in place, NZ Family Planning says. 

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