'Silent killer' took daughter swiftly

TRAGEDY: Courtenay Rushton died of died of suspected meningococcal disease a year ago.

After losing their daughter, two parents want other families to be aware of how deadly meningococcal disease can be.

Midwives 'need more training'

Casey Nathan

Newly graduated midwives should not go straight into working without oversight, coroner says.

Coroner slams care

RED FLAGS MISSED: Casey Nathan, pictured with Hayden Tukiri.

Potentially avoidable problems led to the deaths of Casey Nathan and baby Kymani. 

Rice snack nearly kills

TOUCH AND GO: Richard Strang was in an induced coma for four days after his collapse.

A spicy rice snack pack very nearly turned into the last meal Richard Strang ate.

Concern over 'backyard circumcisions'

Generic pic of a doctor with a stethoscope in hospital , medical , medicare , health funds , health insurance , intensive care ,  HOSPITAL 040304 AFR PHOTO BY VIRGINIA STAR

"Backyard circumcisions" have led to severe infections in several young Auckland boys, officials say.

Brain pathway linked to overeating

THE BINGEING PATHWAY: It's likely this brain circuit evolved to support bingeing - an evolutionary beneficial behaviour in pre-agricultural times when high-sugar foods were scarce and seasonal.

Struggling to put down that pack of chips or chocolate? It's all because of a pathway in your brain.

Bootcamp classes proving popular

Free: Craig Wilson keeps baby Jamieson Randall happy while his mum works out.

Neighbourhood police and Christchurch fitness enthusiasts are giving anyone and everyone the chance to improve their wellbeing at no cost.

Do we have a 'fattist' culture?

SLIMMER AND HAPPIER: Sara Enoka and Andy Jenkins each lost more than 20kg after publicly funded weight loss surgery and believe more people should benefit from it.

While other countries have embraced surgery as a cost-effective way of fighting morbid obesity, a reluctance remains in New Zealand.

Nanny thankful for every day

FAMILY TIME: Moira Roberts, or Nanny Moises to granddaughters Maddison and Bella, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

A grandmother of nine diagnosed with terminal lung cancer plans on making the most of the time she has left.

Former TVNZ journo aids ebola fight

Former reporter Corrine Ambler is in Africa working with the Red Cross in the fight against Ebola.

Corinne Ambler has swapped the newsroom for a stint in Africa helping in the fight against ebola.

Wifi livens up weekly hospital stays

BETTER EXPECTATIONS: North Shore Hospital is improving hospital stays for patients like Te Awhi Tawhai, 48.

Free wifi is making time in hospital a little more bearable for North Shore patients.

Nursing Ebola victims

Christchurch nurse Sahra Ahmed wants to change the perception that all Somalis are either pirates or plane hijackers. She is heading to Sierra Leone to work with Ebola victims.

Christchurch nurse Sahra Ahmed wants to change the perception that all Somalis are either pirates or plane hijackers.

Manawatu Teen pregnancies fall


All-encompassing sex education and maturing mindsets may reduce teen pregnancies in Manawatu.

Men, women and drugs

The new antibiotic could be a major breakthrough in the battle against bacteria.

NZ neuroscientist calls for greater understanding of how medication is affected by gender.

Verbal abuse over parking

Parking at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

A 'vanishingly small' number have officially complained about hospital parking.

Drugged drivers a major hazard

Fay Lewis

Fay Lewis dropped her daughter at the school gate each weekday morning in a haze of valium and opiates.

Two decades of dealing with death

Life change: Retired Christchurch coroner Richard McElrea in the garden of his Fendalton home.

Richard McElrea has spent much of his adult life contemplating death.

Artificial arms balance athletes

Two Paralympians are using artificial arm limbs to do weight lifting training at the gym as they train for the 2016 Rio Games. Renowned javelin thrower Holly Robinson and sprinter/long jumper Anna Grimaldi talk about the benefits of their "helping hands".

Artificial arms are giving two determined Kiwi athletes a 'helping hand'.

More patients sent home untreated

BARBARA STEWART: "The appalling and increasing reality for Kiwis entering hospital for elective surgery is that they are often packed off home untreated."

More than 900 patients from MidCentral DHB were sent home without their elective surgery last year.

Shocking treatment

depression grief mental health

Two years ago, Emma was placed in a psychiatric ward and forced to have seven rounds of electroconvulsive therapy.

Pregnancy scans inquiry

Pregnant woman in hospital bed.

Concerns that pregnant women are receiving more scans than ever has sparked a government investigation.

Addiction from prescriptions

Generic, drug, pill, vitamin, tablet, prescription, pain, painkiller, bar, barbells, blue, body, capsules, concept, diet, drugs, fitness, food, food supplement, good, green, gym, hand weights, health, life, lifestyle, medical, medicine, muscle, nature, nutrition, nutritional, pharmacy, pills, science, sport, supplementation, supplements, tablets, vitamin, weight, white

Patients are overdosing in hospital or being sent home with addictions to "hillbilly heroin".

$24m on acupuncture needles some

IS THERE A POINT? Sceptics say acupuncture is little more than quackery, but ACC continues to pay out millions of dollars of public money for the treatment, and doctors continue to refer patients.

ACC has spent a record $24 million on acupuncture.

Health boss's pay rise riles staff

MidCentral District Health Board chief executive  Murray Georgel.

Hospital workers frustrated by minimal pay increases say health board chief's half-million salary got a hefty bump.

Family rally for brave Deanna

LITTLE FIGHTER: Deanna Marsden
who is battling

While most kids are preparing to start the new school year, 6-year-old Deanna Marsden is facing the amputation of a leg and recovering from chemotherapy.

Fish oil sold in NZ actually snake oil?

FISHY: A University of Auckland study has found the bulk of fish oil pills sold in NZ are misleading consumers. The take home? Just eat fish.

A study shows the bulk of fish oil supplements sold in New Zealand are misleading consumers with false claims.

Lessons on saving lives a big draw

St John trainer Ally Anderson instructs Petrina Jarrett, right, and Nardia Cooper on how to use a defibrillator at the ASB Bank in Palmerston North yesterday.

Palmerston North shoppers will be saving lives after the installation of a new defibrillator.

Mutations delay flu vaccine

Somehow we must cover the burgeoning costs of healthcare.

Flu vaccinations will start three weeks late after major mutations of some strains of the potentially deadly virus.

Forgotten Baby Syndrome: It can happen to anyone


One baby dies every eight days in the back of a hot car in the United States as Forgotten Baby Syndrome becomes more common.

Mega mountain walk for Maddox video

One-year-old Te Awamutu toddler Maddox Parker suffers from a strain of mitochondrial disease, known as Leigh's Syndrome.

Emergency services personnel walk 44.2km in support of one-year-old Maddox Parker.

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