Health boss' pay up $50k

01:14, Jun 05 2014
	 Craig Climo
PAY UP: Waikato District Health Board chief executive Craig Climo.

The head of Waikato District Health Board has chalked up a $50,000 salary increase over the past three years, despite a review critical of his performance for the public entity.

Reports published by the State Services Commission show that DHB chief executive Craig Climo is paid about 16 times more than the average Waikato resident.

Last financial year Climo was paid $490,000 to $499,000, an increase from $450,000 to 460,000 in 2011.

But when Climo was asked if his five-figure salary increase came after a performance review, he was unsure.

"I would have to dig it out to have a look," he said when contacted by the Waikato Times.

Waikato District Health Board communications director Mary Anne Gill then responded on behalf of Climo.


"Yes, [his] salary increase last year was the result of a performance review," she said.

Asked whether Climo donated any part of his income to charity she responded: "Whether Mr Climo donates to charity from his pay is a personal matter which he is not required to declare."

The Times requested a salary estimate for the entire executive leadership team but was told the organisation was not required to publish those figures, despite taxpayers footing the bill.

"We are required to publish the CEO's remuneration and have done so on our website along with his expenses, but are not required to publish each executive group member's remuneration," Gill said.

She also said no other member from the executive board earned more than $360,000 a year.

But while the health board was cagey about its pay details, there was no such reluctance from the Waikato Regional Council about its top-level salaries after a just-finalised restructure, which reduced costs by about a third.

Chief executive Vaughan Payne's income dropped from $297,601 to $258,681 as a direct result of the restructure, while the council's five-person executive leadership team have a salary pool of $1,004,266 - which would work out to roughly $200,850 per person.

The details of Climo's salary came after the Ministry of Health released a report slamming his management of the organisation, suggesting the DHB had become reactive to problems and operated in a "crisis style".

A spokesperson for the State Services Commission told media to be cautious when comparing year-on-year salary bands.

"Movement may be attributable to a performance-related salary increase."

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