Doctor dies after living to see daughter

TRIBUTES: Friends of Dr Jared Noel paid tribute to him on Twitter after he passed away this morning at home in Auckland.
TRIBUTES: Friends of Dr Jared Noel paid tribute to him on Twitter after he passed away this morning at home in Auckland.

A doctor who battled cancer long enough to see the birth of his daughter earlier this year has died.

Jared Noel, 33, passed away at his Auckland home this morning, his family said.

Noel was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2009 and was a leading advocate raising awareness of the disease.

He was told last year that the cancer had spread through his liver and abdomen and he was unlikely to live to January when his first child was due to be born.

An appeal helped raise more than $170,000 for him to access a life-extending drug, Astavin, which was not listed for subsidies through Pharmac.

On January 17 Noel and wife Hannah became parents of daughter Elise Alexandra Grace Noel.

In the final post on his blog on August 30, Noel wrote that he was waiting for death to catch up to him but “in the mean time I will enjoy what family time I have, I will catch up and see friends old and recent. I will enjoy what time I have left for whatever blessed time it is that I have it for.”

“I am not afraid of death, maybe partly anxious about it’s mechanism, but I have a faith that reassures me however it happens, I will be going to a better place, one where death and suffering will left behind and the resurrection of Christ will become the most apparent it has ever been to me."

He told Fairfax Media last year his biggest wish was to see his daughter grow up but that was not possible. The next best thing was having the Astavin drug treatment that would prolong his life for a short while.

''When it comes to a baby and the difference between me seeing and maybe experiencing the first few months of its life, then we decided to go for it,'' he said at the time

Friends of Noel used Twitter to post tributes to him today.

Heaven has gained a truly inspiring, awesome man. So long @DrJared and thanks for teaching us not to fear death or life.

— Chris Young (@ChrisWardYoung) October 8, 2014

Rest well, @DrJared. Champion till the end. See you again someday.

— Andrew Forde (@IcarusForde) October 8, 2014

#RIP @DrJared You LIVED right until the very end - I was honoured to share some life with you & will be praying for those you leave behind!

— Al Ronberg (@alronberg) October 8, 2014


Bowel cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer in New Zealand and it is the second biggest cancer killer nationwide.

About 3000 people are diagnosed every year, with 1200 dying from it.