Global Drug Survey

Kiwis taking to 'hillbilly heroin'

Pills, drugs

Kiwis take prescription pills with alarming regularity, particularly 'hillbilly heroin', which is handed out too easily.

Inside the politics of pot


Most users of cannabis would not use more if the drug became legal, survey reveals.

Kiwis go for mystery


Drug users are playing a potentially fatal game of snorting mystery white powders, usually at parties.

Stoned at work


Many Kiwis are getting high before work - and employers are undertaking drug testing themselves.

Live chat: Synthetic cannabis

Peter Dunne

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne joined us to discuss synthetic cannabis and its use.

Legal high 'timebomb'

Legal Highs

Synthetic cannabis puts more New Zealanders in hospital per use than any other drug.

Live chat: prescription drugs

Are Kiwis gobbling too many painkillers? What about "hillbilly heroin"? Join our live chat with expert Jeremy McMinn.

Live chat: Kiwis' drug use

Ross Bell

An invisible swathe of middle-class Kiwis are drinking heavily and indulging in drugs. Let's talk about the issues in this live chat.

Drugs 'don't define me'

Pills, drugs

Look around your workplace and you are almost guaranteed to see a regular drug user.

Survey adds to global knowledge

Shot glass

The Global Drug Survey, launched in 2010, attracted responses from more than 78,000 people across the world this year - including, for the first time, almost 6000 from New Zealand.

Middle class drinks heavily


A swathe of middle-class Kiwis drink heavily and indulge in drugs - survey. | Full coverage | Graphic | A user speaks

Cannabis 'hikes schizophrenia risk'


Some heavy cannabis users are up to 11 times more likely to develop schizophrenia, a drug symposium in Auckland has been told.

Drugs forced us out

stoned, drug user, addict

Illegal drug use has impacted our lives in a way I wouldn't have thought possible.

I needed weed for the pain


I have to wonder what is worse: cannabis itself, or the fact it's currently illegal?

Hard to kick pot habit


I found out the hard way the dark side of the 'magical non-addictive plant' pot.

Drug use: It could be anybody


He came down and stood in the hallway saying he didn't feel well.

Bang for your buck

Will price hikes deter binge drinkers?



Does hiking the price of booze deter people from drinking alcohol? Not if Cup Week is anything to go by. 

Push to get stoners off roads

The memorial garden for Krystal Barnett

AA wants police to be able to drug-test every driver they stop, as very few drugged motorists caught.

Methadone weans painkiller addicts


Thousands of Kiwis are on methadone to get them off heavier drugs, with many addicted to painkillers.

Cannabis trumps drink

Cannabis, smoking

Many Kiwis are turning to cannabis as alternative to alcohol, which might explain why we are among the highest users in the world.

'Hillbilly heroin' use grows


Prescriptions for addictive painkiller are growing at an alarming rate despite nationwide calls for doctors to curb its use.

Get drunks off the streets

drunk woman

What negative connotations to our society would there be if we re-introduced a law against public intoxication?

I'm proud to admit I use cannabis


Marijuana helped turn an unruly teenager into the man I am today, and I am proud to admit that I smoke.

Small cocaine use in NZ

Cocaine in bags

Is New Zealand the land of the long white line? Well, not really.

Dealers swapped for online drugs


Kiwi drug-users are passing up street dealers, instead spending big through online black markets.

Do we want to change?

Person drinking alcohol, binge drinking, beer

We must acknowledge that alcohol is a drug that we legally use to alter our state of mind.

Drug use: Like father, like son

Marijuana / Cannabis


I can guarantee you that the choice only lasts as long as it takes to become addicted.

Drug use a personal matter


I have used illegal drugs for the the past 30 years and they have given me some great moments.

P mail from China


Mail containing illegal ingredients used to make P are sent from China to NZ, Customs Service says.

Ritalin party use harms


Students using Ritalin as party stimulant and study aid need to be aware it could be as harmful as meth, expert says.

Drugs can be bad sometimes

crack cocaine

At the moment I live with a crackhead who sucks. Crack is really bad.

Drug use: I lost my residency

Marijuana Strap

In the US, I was arrested on the way home from my dealer's house with an ounce of weed.

Addiction preventing work

Beer 200x150

More than 5000 people are collecting benefits because drug and alcohol addiction is preventing them from working.

Kiwi drug-use data sought


Global Drugs Survey aims to gather info on New Zealanders' drug use, including what, why and how.

The long-term cannabis effect


The final effect is that one of my sons thinks that if I did it, he can do it.

Police warn of 'lethal' LSD mimic

drugs, psychedelic, hallucinogenic

Police wary of new illegal synthetic drug seized in NZ, fearing use of the hallucinogen could prove fatal - as it has overseas.

Dairies hide drugs inside lolly packets

Gummy bears, lollies, candy, sweets

Dairies are providing customers with psychoactive drugs in lolly packets, in a bid to circumvent laws, police say.

Has drug use affected your life?


Illegal drug use in our communities can have a devastating impact on families, friends, groups and workplaces.

NZ's bold drug experiment

legal highs

OPINION: NZ has undertaken first genuinely scientific approach to recreational drug use.

Drug stance rethink


Experts say it's time for NZ to join ranks of countries exploring drug decriminalisation. | US loosens pot laws.

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