Live chat: Kiwis' drug use

00:40, Apr 14 2014

An invisible swathe of middle-class New Zealanders are drinking heavily and indulging in drugs, a new survey has found.

Fairfax Media's involvement in the Global Drugs Survey on worldwide drug use has for the first time revealed how entrenched alcohol and drugs - both legal and illegal - are in our everyday lives.

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Addiction medicine specialists say the results show users fall across a broad spectrum of the population.

The survey reveals interesting and shocking glimpses into the drug habits of the 5731 New Zealand respondents, who had a mean age of 34.7, about half of whom had an undergraduate degree, and 84 per cent of whom were employed.

This week we will be holding a series of live chats to run alongside the findings and today Drug Foundation executive director Ross Bell answered your questions. You can replay the chat below. If you are having trouble viewing it on mobile click here.