ACC forces paraplegic to return mismailed records


A paraplegic says he had to drive for hours so ACC documents sent to him in error could be destroyed.

Dementia - it's all in the mind


Everyone forgets things, but those memory lapses do not necessarily presage the onset of dementia.

Easter bunny has dietitians hopping mad

Easter egg

Dietitians warn that bigger is not better when it comes to Easter chocolate.

NZ winning the war on meningitis

Vaccination child

Doctors say meningitis could be almost entirely eliminated in NZ as early as the end of 2015.

Ex-meth house turns into renovation nightmare

Kevin Middleton

A couple are $25,000 out of pocket after decontaminating their home which was once used as a p-lab.

Global Drugs Survey: The politics of pot


Most users of cannabis would not use more if the drug became legal, survey reveals.

Hospital bug prompts warning over hygiene

Hospital corridor, generic

A gastro-bug has struck around 10 Waikato Hospital staff over the past week.

Family puts brave face on battle

Daniel Williamson

A potentially life-saving operation for a Lower Hutt toddler has been called off, leaving no more treatment options.

Life finally free of seizures

Tayla McKeown

A procedure to remove part of an 11-year-old's brain has helped her become seizure-free for the first time in years.

Firefighters seek medical help

gore fire

Five more firefighters have sought medical treatment after fighting one of the largest fires in Southland this week. 

Southern mayors: Ban legal highs

Southland Times photo

The southern mayors are taking the fight on legal highs to Parliament and asking for an outright ban.

New Zealanders consume mystery drugs


Drug users are playing a potentially fatal game of snorting mystery white powders, usually at parties.

Earthquake stress plea to insurers

Stressed, anxious man

Insurers need to better recognise and respond to the stress many of their customers are under, a disaster recovery psychologist says.

Poll finds stoned staff a growing concern


Many Kiwis are getting high before work - and employers are undertaking drug testing themselves.

Breast cancer battle scars

Emerald Reid

Help raise awareness of the impact breast cancer has on Kiwi lives by sharing your story.

PM rejects 'fat tax'

Fizzy soft drink

PM unconvinced by "fat tax" on sugary drinks, saying Coke price would have to rise "a lot" before it would affect sales.

Synthetic cannabis a factor in son's death

synthetic cannabis

Sometimes Kate Bayliss thinks she failed her son, but also says she tried her hardest to save him.

Synthetic cannabis risk 'vast'

Legal Highs

Synthetic cannabis puts more New Zealanders in hospital per use than any other drug.

Milan's mission: Beating the odds

milan west

Radical surgery to remove part of Milan Ellis's brain could have left her blind or paralysed.

Mother knew little about cot deaths

Suzie Ioata

Mother whose baby died in her arms believed cot death could only happen in cots.

Alcoholic doctor found guilty


Anaesthetist was given second chance after being found drunk at work in 2008, but failed breath test.

Baby died in his mother's arms

St John's Ambulance

A Lower Hutt baby turned blue and reached for his mother's face before dying in her arms, a coroner says.

ACC form ruling's 'no big privacy breach'


Revelations thousands of ACC forms gathering private medical information may be illegal is "not a big privacy breach", John Key says.

More cash needed for rare diseases

Proposed fund for treatments of rare diseases won't be enough to provide treatment for Kiwi sufferers, health group says.

Jolie's mastectomy prompts woman to get checked

Georgina Jones

Lucky save for woman after star Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy prompted her to get checked.

iPad offers family new hope

Jordan and family

An iPad is allowing Jordan Winther to understand and communicate with those around him.

Kiwis taking to 'hillbilly heroin'

Pills, drugs

Kiwis take prescription pills with alarming regularity, particularly 'hillbilly heroin', which is handed out too easily.

Planning death helps seriously ill


Having control gives one very ill Aucklander freedom from the "rubbish" that comes with dying.

Doctors who train overseas struggle with placement

Dr Morella Lascurain

New Zealand residents who trained as doctors overseas say they can't find employment here due to discrimination.

Choking patient force-fed drugs


Patient says she was left traumatised by "unprofessional" nurse forcing her to swallow painkillers.

Struggle with legal highs

Hamish, drug use

A man addicted to synthetic cannabis says some retailers offer big discounts to keep you hooked.

Labour promises bowel screening programme

David Cunliffe

Labour commits to national bowel screening programme, says National has "dragged the chain".

Live chat: Kiwis' drug use

Ross Bell

An invisible swathe of middle-class Kiwis are drinking heavily and indulging in drugs. Let's talk about the issues in this live chat.

Wairarapa's water has unwelcome guest

water generic

Detect an odd flavour to the Wairarapa tap water? It may be a particle of poo.

Teens 'let down' on suicide advice

depression bullying suicide

Teenagers losing faith in official mental health services are turning to informal counselling from those who have lost loved ones to suicide.

Delight at closure of high shop

Legal Highs

Te Awamutu's only legal high shop cannot sell until the Ministry of Health decides its fate.

Doctors enlisted to ban legal highs

Legal Highs

Health officials and doctors have joined forces to have synthetic cannabis banned.

Growing concern over medical freebies

Medical records

Doctors and nurses accepted drug company-funded trips, meals and gifts worth almost $170,000 last year.

Botched op victim pays for her own repair

Jean Redman

Patient given faulty hip replacement mortgages her home for repair operation in UK.

Cautious app-etite for health helpers

Cellphone in a pocket

Not feeling so great? There's an app for that.

Incurable disease leaves little girl limp

Stokes Valley baby Violet Stephen

Violet Stephen used to laugh and smile. Now she waits as she slowly loses control of her body.

Weight reluctance creates pregnancy risk


Pregnant Kiwi women are reluctant to step on the scales, leading to underestimated BMI measurements and misguided clinical care, research shows.

Big new Middlemore hospital block opens


A new five-storey clinical services block at Auckland's Middlemore Hospital will be formally opened today.

GP gave ulcer drug to pregnant women

Pills, drugs

A doctor has been found to have illegally prescribed a stomach ulcer drug also used in abortions to several patients with unwanted pregnancies.

Retirement home residents 'flash mob' mall

Flash mob of retirement home residents

A group of Christchurch retirement home residents bust out funky moves in front of surprised shoppers to show flash mobs are not just for young people.

Dream cut short by spinal disease

Richard Harmon

A 27-year-old's dream of being a builder has been cut short by a rare spinal disease.

Rare surgery helps weight loss but has risks

Grabbing fat

Dozens of morbidly obese Kiwis have shed two-thirds of their weight after a rare surgical procedure.

The most, and least, popular day to give birth

mum and baby

Tinsel,  singing and a good barbecue are some of the things Kiwis enjoy on Christmas Day - but having babies is not one of them.

New world of screen-time for kids may leave data outdated

Two-thirds of Kiwi toddlers have their eyes glued to electronic screens for at least part of every day.

Kate's special mission


The Duchess of Cambridge is keen to take some of Waikato Hospice's care models back home to the UK.
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