Patient no-shows squander millions


Millions wasted as tens of thousands of patients fail to show up to appointments every year.

How do I breathe with no air?

Man with his head in his hands

I've always had asthma but now my daily battle for breath makes it hard just to get out of bed.

St John says sorry for costly ambulance ride

	 Diana Le Mon

St John Ambulance will review their private transport fees after two Waikato patients were overcharged.

Missed appointments cost hospitals millions

Auckland Hospital

Millions of taxpayers' dollars wasted as Auckland patients fail to make it to hospital appointments.

Kiwis living with chronic illness

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

How do you make people understand that you're ill if you don't have any physical symptions?

'Extraordinary effort' sees health board in the black

	 Nigel Murray

Provisional forecasts show the DHB will finish $3.8 million ahead of budget for 2013/14.

Life's a pain for teen sidelined by ACC

Jesse Stewart

ACC says it won't pay for surgery to help a teen in constant pain from a rugby injury.

Glass slivers prompt medicine recall

Jackie Hamilton

Eagle-eyed pharmacist spotted a shard of glass in a bottle of medicine, sparking national recall.

Auckland's disease hotspots found

emergency care

Westies and North Shore residents are being struck down with more diseases than other Aucklanders.

How bad is this flu season?


It's the worst flu season in years, Google reckons - but the Health Ministry's not so sure.

'I thought I was indestructible'

Heart attack

I was a 20-a-day smoker, ate lots of fry ups and was living life to the full. But I didn't want to die.

Lobbying by mayors led to ban on legal highs

Legal high

Nationwide mayoral revolt against legal highs put immense pressure on the Govt to ban the drugs outright, newly released documents show.

'I did the worst thing, I used Dr Google'

Generic surgical shot

When I found out I might have prostate cancer I did the worst thing possible, writes Gary Mills.

ACC faces huge compo bill for halted payouts


A multi-million dollar windfall is waiting to be claimed by as many as 1500 accident victims.

A step closer to transplant

Madison and Alana

Madiee Merrick has been waiting more than a year in the UK for surgery that will save her life.

Scientists in race to beat superbugs

Cancer testing, medical testing, laboratory

The war against drug-resistant superbugs is being lost, but Wellington scientists won't surrender.

Coping with rare smooth brain

Symphonya Turua

3-year-old Symphonya Turua was born with lissencephaly, meaning she is unable to walk, talk or sit up.

Baby dies after DHB 'service failings'

Hutt Hospital

The death of a baby from dehydration came after "service failings" at Hutt Valley DHB.

DHB's inconsistent care led to baby's death


Lack of communication by medical staff about a baby's deteriorating condition led to her death.

Living through lymphoma


I just lay there all day watching TV while the pump besides me shoved various poisons into my veins.

Preschooler obesity factors examined


Attention is turning to preschoolers in the effort to combat childhood obesity.

Wellington drivers more likely to donate organs

Gary Whitaker and daughter Kaitlin

Wellington and Queenstown drivers most likely to agree to organ donation on their licences.

Cheesed off mice bite into ACC claims


Mice can be quite savage when they're cheesed off, along with many other critters - and ACC pays.

Authorities urge action as fewer seek flu jabs


Fewer Cantabrians have received a flu jab this year but it is not too late, health authorities say.

Fire chief's recovery astounds

Bruce Stubbs

Bruce Stubbs was "scared s...less" as he lay on his back staring up at the fluorescent lights of a hospital ceiling.

Pharmac pill switch 'risks lives'

Pills, drugs

A woman who became suicidal when her meds were changed says lives are being put at risk.

Black, no sugar and deadly conversation

'Death cafes' come to NZ

Sophia Tara, Death Cafe

Anyone for a flat white and a chat about flat-lining? Death cafes are the latest in cafe culture.

Shortfall of $7.2m for hospital

NZ money, cash

A new hospital in Greymouth will require $7.2 million not covered by a government loan.

Free clinics ease dental pain

Dental clinic

High-need patients are finally getting access to dental care they can't afford thanks to volunteer clinics.

Glass fragments lead to antibiotic recall


The antibiotic Amoxicillin is being recalled owing to fears the medicine may contain glass fragments.

Deception alleged in Listeria case


Two company officials face charges of trying to fool officials investigating a deadly Listeria outbreak.

Flu jab not total defence

Generic cold and flu

Flu vaccines cannot always protect against fast-changing strains of the virus, a new study shows.

Larger bodies needing bigger cremator

fat strap generic

Quake-prone crematorium needs to be rebuilt with a bigger furnace as bodies become larger.

Women urged to take part in cancer trials


More breast cancer patients are being urged to take part in clinical trials after it was revealed that only about 5 per cent are doing so.

No stroke, no tumour, no diagnosis

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

Three years of symptoms, with countless blood tests and scans, but no one can tell me what's wrong.

Former legal high addict building a new future

'I thought it was OK cause it was legal'

jamol Ngatai

A teenager has stubbed out his addiction to synthetic cannabis and picked up a toolbelt.

Minister backs cuts to maternity units

Newborn baby

Health Minister Tony Ryall has backed the WDHB's decision to cut funding to two maternity units.

More measles cases confirmed


Measles cases continue to trickle into the Waikato.

Hospital parking woes to get worse

Christchurch Hospital car park

Finding a park at Christchurch Hospital set to get harder as nearly 1000 spaces to be axed within a year.

Hospital recognises tireless workers

	 Waikato Hospital

The Waikato Hospital celebrates 260 staff who have each clocked up more than 30 years of service.

108 helplines is too many

After a "cry for help" went unanswered there is a call to reduce the country's 108 helplines.

Christchurch hospital parking woes acute

Christchurch Hospital car park

Lack of coordination means hospital parking issues are not being fixed, says health board member.

Census set to recognise genderqueer community

Duncan Mathews

NZ's genderqueer community could be set to come out of the statistical closet in the next census.

Life-saving trip to eye doctor


Bumping into people prompts woman to visit optometrist - who finds brain tumour.

Probe into abuse of elderly


A dementia care rest home is being investigated amid claims of elder abuse.

Torso talk: Fundraiser takes shape

Breast Cancer survivors

Breast cancer survivors craft casts of their chests to raise funds for dragon boat team.

A bloody bad tonsil removal

Generic surgery

My mouth kept filling with blood but the blogs I'd read made me think that was normal.

Christchurch hospitals failed elderly patient - report


Staff at two hospitals failed to care for an elderly woman in constant pain and deteriorating health.

Doctor's sex advice 'inappropriate'


A doctor's advice to a bulimic woman to self-pleasure ''breached sexual boundaries".

Student designs brain-controlled prosthetic hand

	 Mahonri Owen

Mahonri Owen is in the throes of designing a brain-controlled electro-mechanical prosthetic hand.
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