Last Post, First Light

Anzac bugle earned its bum notes

When they blow the bugle at the Auckland Domain this Anzac Day it will sound strained and some of the notes flat.

In search of a fallen soldier

It's a long time since I've taken the turn-off to Puerua Valley but I know the twists of this gravel road reasonably well.

Finding my Anzac links


Anzac: Discovering family links

Until a year ago, Anzac Day, for me, was mostly just a day off work.

More than just a name


More than just a name on a memorial

My mother's uncle, William, was only 21-years-old when he was sent to Gallipoli.

Peace at National War Memorial

Peace at National War Memorial

Crowds gathered around the National War Memorial in Wellington for the Anzac Day dawn service.

Australia and New Zealand mark Gallipoli anniversary

Australia and New Zealand mark Gallipoli anniversary

Thousands attend services and ceremonies for ANZAC day, marking the 98th anniversary of the day Australian and New Zealand forces landed at Gallipoli. Simon Hanna reports.

Hamilton Dawn Service

Hamilton Dawn Service

Hundreds attended the Anzac Day service in Hamilton this morning.

Christchurch dawn parade

Christchurch dawn parade

Thousands of Cantabrians attended the Anzac Day dawn parade to remember the fallen.

Sound effort from cenotaph bugler

Leighton Roberts Leighton Roberts has played the Last Post dozens of times but was still praying he wouldn't make a hash of it.

WWI centenary a chance for education

Sterile remembrance is not enough, writes Glyn Harper.

Slideshow: Anzac Cove, 1915

Remembering the Anzacs

Remember Passchendaele, NZ

Passchendaele It was 94 years ago that New Zealand faced the blackest moment in its history. Lawrence Watt says the country should do more to commemorate Passchendaele.

The battle of Passchendaele

The remains of dozens of New Zealand soldiers still lie beneath the earth at Passchendaele, Belgium, nearly a century after they fell.

Theatre of conflict

Remembering a war

Answering the call

At 53, Raf Decombel is way too young to have heard the call to battle in his native Belgium. But he's answered another call.

Kiwis miscounted by thousands

Gallipoli For almost 100 years history told us 8556 New Zealanders fought at Gallipoli, but new research shows us the number was much higher.

Pilgrimage or party?

Is Anzac Day in Gallipoli so popular among travellers that it's becoming just another backpacker get-together?

Black humour "in the hell that was Gallipoli"

Gallipoli's decoy soldier

Diet did Anzacs no favours

Military rations provided to Kiwi soldiers at Gallipoli during World War I were nutritionally deficient and likely to have caused serious illness and deaths, new research shows.

Vietnam's Wandering Souls

Vietcong When Alastair Martin came across a dusty negative in the wallet of a dead Vietnamese soldier, he had no idea that 40 years later he would be trying to find the man's family.

Closing old wounds

In 2008, the Government finally issued an official apology to Vietnam veterans. Not long before, Shane Cowlishaw and his father, a veteran, revisited the former battlefield for the first time. Is this apology too little too late?

Southern Memories

Kiwi doctors' Vietnam haven

The Vietnam War back to life

A group of military enthusiasts gears up in army attire every Tuesday night and trains like it was 1965 and the Vietnam war.

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