New video shows just how damaged SH1 is after the Kaikoura quake video

Asher Trafford

The road to Kaikoura post earthquake

Videos of the destruction along State Highway 1 show just how badly damaged the roads to Kaikoura are, following Monday's 7.8 earthquake.

Asher Trafford filmed his drive along SH1 north of Parnassus.

Trafford eventually had to stop driving after encountering a separation in the road, where the road is split in two – half of the highway had risen what appears to be almost a metre.

Video shows a ruined State Highway One near Kaikoura.

Video shows a ruined State Highway One near Kaikoura.

He​ works in irrigation and said he had lots of clients further north.  

The Hunderlees​ were "pretty badly cracked", he said. And the roads were "pretty bad".

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It was a bumpy journey, there were drops and slips either side but he did not face any real problems until the Oaro bridge, he said.

"It was cracked up and had been shunted right off the road. Getting around that was tough."

Trafford had gone under the bridge and over the train tracks on the other side.

Along the road, huge fissures spanned across entire lanes while landslides and fallen trees remained on the side of the highway.

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The cracks had been filled in enough to get the car over, so Trafford continued driving.

The road remained closed in Cheviot, but Trafford was able to keep driving because he was working, he said. There were no other cordons on the way. 

"I didn't expect to even get a quarter of that way."

He saw about a dozen cars on the seven-hour return trip, but no one tried to stop him.

Trafford uploaded the video on Tuesday, one day after the quake hit.

In another video, Clayton Lindstorm stands at a sheer drop where the highway has broken.

Warning: Video contains language that may be offensive

"Lovely road here, lovely road here. Not so lovely road down here..." said Lindstorm, who recorded the video showing just how much of an effect the quake had on the landscape near Kaikoura.

"She just drops away," he said.

According to Lindstorm, huge rock formations rose above sea level after the quake. Seabed rises were reported across Kaikoura after Monday's magnitude 7.8 earthquake. It was an incredibly rare event, which geologists had not expected.

Dr Joshu​ Mountjoy, a marine geologist at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), said he had never seen something like that after an earthquake.

The video also showed a huge drop in the highway, leaving the road impassable.



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Prime Minister John Key said on Wednesday it was too soon to say if the highway could be repaired. The road north of Kaikoura would be out of action for a long time, he said.

"I mean, in the end it may be the only option, they may have to fix it, but they'll have to figure out how and where they're going to move such a huge amount of debris," Key said.

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