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Key rejects Craig

John Key 14 min ago Prime Minister John Key says he won't cut a deal with the Conservative Party in East Coast Bays.

Conservative Party logo rejected

conservative vote logo rejected 3:28pm Electoral Commission rejects Conservative Party's "vote" logo, saying it could confuse voters.

Fish and Game 'anti dairy'

Nick Smith Conservation minister rejects claim he bullied Fish & Game over campaign to clean up rivers.

Nats - Conservative deal unlikely

Jenny Pollock PM all but rules out a deal with Colin Craig's Conservative Party in East Coast Bays electorate.

Kiwis back 'dolphin tax'

Maui dolphins Most Kiwis would be happy to pay a "dolphin tax" to save the threatened Maui's and Hector's dolphins, a new survey says.

Opinion poll

Would you cast a tactical vote against your preferred party?

Yes, whatever it takes for the right result

No, what are we without principles?

Grudgingly, but coat-tailing must go

Vote Result

Related story: Fringe parties look for deals

Transparency when it suits

John Key John Key's style may be "open and transparent", but only when it's convenient.

Coat-tailing must go

It's time to end the dodgy deals that have besmirched the reputation of MMP.

Bulletproof Brownlee

A case of second-term-itis?

Low voter turnout likely

voting Which party stands to lose the most from a low voter turnout at the polls?

Cunliffe a Labour liability

Labour would get an immediate lift in the polls if it dumped leader David Cunliffe, a new poll suggests. | Poll graphics

Labour's poll woe deepens

Tax cuts not high on priorities

Support for minor parties drops

Dunne, Peters and Craig celebrate milestones but there's little else to cheer about.

Builder applauds duties drop

Brent Mettrick One of Canterbury's biggest builders says it will take up to a year until changes translate into customer savings.

English: High dollar cities' fault

Finance Minister points the finger at Chch and Auckland for high interest rates and dollar.

Welfare spending drops $1b

A welcome surplus - time now to look ahead

Hopes dashed as Harding resigns

"Another avenue to accountability" for CTV collapse gone after its designer escaped disciplinary hearing, victim's father says.

Politicians, go back to school

Teaching, teacher, whiteboard Politicians need a lesson in education from the coal-face with teachers, Carly Avery writes.

The school of politics

What do you think needs to be done to improve the educational standards of young Kiwis?

Legal highs have got to go

Three problems with housing

Imagine this for your child

Imagine arriving for school and knowing that other parents disapprove of your presence.