Pressure to raise refugee quota

United Future Leader Peter Dunne says New Zealand had a "good history" of responding positively to refugee crises, and should be prepared to play its part now.

More refugees should be allowed to make a new life in NZ, the Government's support parties say. 

Law to give cyclists space

Motorists may soon be required by law to give cyclists a 1.5-metre gap when overtaking.

The Government is considering a law that would require overtaking drivers to give cyclists up to 1.5 metres of space. 

What your flag choice says video

Flag expert John Moody believes the Southern Cross will attract traditionalists, while the lone koru and silver fern designs will resonate with people wanting a break from the past.

"Alternative" types will like the black and white koru, while traditionalists will favour the red, black and silver fern.

GP referrals being refused

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says the Government will track patients being sent back to GPs after referrals.

Thousands are turned away from specialist medical appointments, despite being referred by their GP.

Contractor costs will fall - ministry

Labour's education spokesman Chris Hipkins says the Ministry of Education hasn't learnt anything from the Novopay debacle.

Payments for private contractors continue to skyrocket in Government departments.

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Four new flags - and four million opinions video

The government's Flag Consideration panel have chosen four from the 10,292 alternative designs

OPINION: If social media is any guide, the old and familiar wins hands down. Key won't be too worried about that.

If the flag changed, would you care?

OPINION: John Key probably wasn't expecting the typical Kiwi "yeah nah" response.

Socialist utopia proves elusive

Midwifery is about the joy of childbirth

beehive live

Beehive Live: Almost recess

New Zealand flags fly in front of The Beehive.

It's the last day of the sitting week, but there's no rest for MPs just yet.

Live: Health and Safety bill back

The controversial Health and Safety Reform Bill is back before Parliament today.

Labour MP Sue Moroney's paid parental leave bill is before Parliament today.

Live: Paid parental leave

Two big Bills are up before the House for debate today.

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