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New social housing accord

rent A new entity set up to make housing affordable in Christchurch could lead to millions in revenue.

Benefit figures at 5-year low

winz Benefit figures are at a five year low due to some people finding employment and others having their benefits cut.

Labour auctions Tongan king's wine

Tongan king george A bottle of King George Tupou V's favourite wine is being used to support New Zealand's Labour Party.

'New low' for PM - Greens

John Key The Prime Minister has been accused of condoning the death penalty after maintaining the death of a Kiwi in Yemen was a legitimate killing.

Mallard loses in reshuffle

TREVOR MALLARD: Walked out. Hutt South MP Trevor Mallard appears to be the big loser in Wellington from changes to the electoral boundaries.

Opinion poll

A "fat tax" on sugary drinks is:

A good idea

A bad idea

Vote Result

Related story: PM rejects 'fat tax'

The battleground: housing

Colin The Government is taking a kicking over housing affordability and it knows it.

Bunsen and Beaker

So it's David and David - arguably the two cleverest men in Parliament.

If Cunliffe wins

Cunliffe is top dog

Mentor approach raises questions

Classroom, students, pupils, teaching, school The Government has a lot of work to do to convince teachers its new I scheme is a magic bullet, writes NZEI National Secretary Paul Goulter.

Shock news: Greens favour privatisation

OK, that's a provocative headline, but how else to interpret the Greens' social housing policy?

Key perfects image of everyman

Get a grip Phillipstown School

Beneficiary bashing just too easy

National wants us to focus on the lazy stereotype of dole bludgers, writes Colin Espiner.

Act elects new deputy leader

Kenneth Wang Man who "personifies Act's values of freedom and enterprise" elected by party board as deputy leader.

Greens open to Mana talks

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says they are open to talks with the Mana Party but that any electorate deals are unlikely.

Zaoui lawyer works with Cunliffe

Les Mills boss takes on Nats

Labour would ban fast trucks

Labour pledges to cut trailer and caravan regos and ban trucks from the fast lane - but National says it's a joke.

A National Greens conundrum

pm If only a Green-National alliance was viable - that would keep our current leaders more honest.

Changes to tax system key

It's hard to narrow an election down to one issue, but on the whole it's mostly about tax.

Let's talk about tax

No to synthetic cannabis

The right to choose religion

Religious instruction is the responsibility of parents and guardians, not public schools, Luella Wheeler says.