Banks 'waking from nightmare' video

OVERJOYED: John Banks says he feels vindicated by the court's decision.

After court quashes his conviction, former Auckland mayor says he feels the sun is shining extra bright.

Live: What a week


Take a look back at the extraordinary events of the past seven days.

Donghua Liu back in court

Donghua Liu

Millionaire is in court in a bid to withdraw guilty pleas after alleged domestic violence incident.

Domestic violence 'a disaster' video

Sir Owen Glenn

Domestic violence in New Zealand is a slow-burning disaster, and a cultural shift is needed says Sir Owen Glenn.

Today in politics: Friday


'Flippant' Finlayson not his best at 6am.

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politics: have your say

Modern NZ needs flag for all stuff nation


For Len Wicks, there are several absolute requirements for a flag to represent modern New Zealand.

Reasons for change stuff nation

I don't often agree with John Key, but he's got it right here. We need a new flag.

A flag that's 'bold and fresh' stuff nation

Killing is not the answer stuff nation


Government is 'paranoid, secretive'

GREENS CO-LEADER: Russel Norman says hundreds of civil servants are being paid to break the law and conceal the government's activities.

OPINION: When we catch a minister breaking the law, they don't resign. They ask their pollster if the scandal is resonating with voters.

Robertson hunts for finance gospel

OPINION: As he hits the books in coming weeks, Labour's finance spokesman Grant Robertson will be building on thinking that's been percolating for months.

IAIN RENNIE: The State Services Commissioner is in charge of all of the chief executives of government departments - that makes him, effectively, Sutton's boss.

Putting the spin on 'neutrality'

OPINION: State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie ought to take a long, hard look at a worrying erosion of political neutrality, writes Vernon Small.

beehive live

Live: What a week


As we mark a close to the first week of the final sitting of Parliament for the year, we'll be taking a look back at the extraordinary events of the past seven days. 

Live: Spies and flags

Bill giving spies new powers sent to select committee last night, just hours after urgent debate on past activities of the SIS.


Beehive Live: PM on texts

PM releases text messages with WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater before the release of the "dirty politics" report this week.