Top 10 political selfies

04:13, Aug 07 2014
Political selfies
British PM David Cameron struggles with the ups and downs of selfies.
Political selfies
Just hanging with my prez. As you do, if you're the Veep.
Political selfies
K Rudd, as he's known to the kids, is still mastering the art of shaving. Despite the many, many, many years of practice.
Political selfies
She looks terribly happy there, in amongst it, doesn't that German prime minister?
political selfies
The master of the grin himself, John Key selfie-ing it like a boss on on the election trail.
political selfies
He even likes to selfie on holiday.

Lights. Camera. Election. Prime Minister John Key has declared the upcoming election to be the "election of the selfie".

To give our politicians some tips, we have analysed our top 10 favourite political selfies.

10. The "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" selfie
Politicians, pay heed. There is a time and place for everything - and especially the selfie. That means no Auschwitz selfies, no plane crash selfies, and no funeral selfies. Unfortunately, US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt broke this rule when they leaned in for a snap at none other than Nelson Mandela's memorial service. Even Michelle Obama, a woman always up for a good selfie, was not amused.

9. The "David Cameron Double Chin" selfie
It has taken the British PM a long time to master the selfie, particularly the skill of positioning the camera phone just right in order to show off one's best assets. Unfortunately, Cameron is no Kim Kardashian. In one selfie, he tries holding the phone down low. While this makes him look suitably powerful, it also reveals an unflattering double chin. Clearly this shot made Cameron more selfie-conscious, because in another shot we see he has gone for the "up high" technique. Apart from a few forehead wrinkles, this angle does show off his lovely eyes.

8. The "Pass The Chapstick" selfie
Our very own John Key is no stranger to the selfie, telling primary school students yesterday he had taken about 2000 this week alone. It's no wonder that he feels confident enough to experiment with some tried and true selfie poses. Flanked by two teenage girls, in this one we see Key puckering up like a pro, earnestly presenting his best "duck face".

7. The "Dark Horse" selfie


#MoreMassiveSelfie at Te Kura Winini Te Kura Wawana | The National Secondary Schools Kapa Haka in Gisborne.

Labour leader David Cunliffe is not normally known for his selfies, but it would seem he is a bit of a slick selfie operator. He was recently at the National Secondary Schools Kapa Haka competition in Gisborne and achieved a very respectable group selfie. Known for its technical difficulty, with the selfie-taker having to stretch their arm, Cunliffe has managed to fit an impressive number of students in, while ensuring his mug is still the main focus. Effortless.

6. The "John and Judith" selfie
What better way to show unity in the Cabinet than a cheeky selfie with the Prime Minister? Justice Minister Judith Collins, a known fan of social media, saw the opportunity and went with it when she was seated next to Key at Chinese New Year festivities. While the image quality is slightly lacking (lighting is very important), the pair manage to look natural and at ease.

PM and I at ASB and WTV's Lunar New Year

5. The "Politicians are People Too" selfie
You don't always have to take selfies at glamorous functions or public events. Sometimes a good selfie simply shows you going about your day. Which is why we commend former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (who likes to go by the name "K-Rudd" on social media) for posting a selfie after cutting himself shaving. He captioned it: "Note to self: when rushing out the door in the morning, make sure you take care with the razor. It is sharp."


4. The "Celebrity BFF" selfie
There is nothing more useful to a politician than a celebrity endorsement, and Meryl Streep is as classy as it gets. The Oscar-winning actress met up with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Kennedy Centre Honours gala in 2012 and the pair looked like perfect chums, having a giggle and posing for a selfie using Streep's iPhone. The resulting selfie has never emerged in public... but we like to think Streep has a secret Instagram account, and it's out there somewhere - complete with a Nashville filter and bff hashtag.

3. The "Victory" selfie 
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is known for being hot selfie property. This was especially true following this year's Football World Cup final, when, following Germany's win against Argentina, Merkel took herself down to the German team's locker room and got herself among some snaps savouring the moment. We particularly like the one of Merkel and player Lukas Podolski clutching the trophy. Merkel is so smug.

2. The "Jackie O" selfie

Here is a little retro selfie action with members of the Kennedy Clan - Jackie, JFK and Ethel. Jackie Kennedy was a leader in all things fashionable, and so of course would be ahead of the masses when it comes to selfies - going for a very artful mirror shot. This photo of the trio is understood to have been taken 60 years ago.

1. The "Presidential Pals" selfie 
This was US Vice President Joe Biden's first ever Instagram selfie, and by golly was it a winner. The cheesy snap shows Biden getting in close with homeboy President Obama, in the back of the presidential limo. The pair are showing off their best all-American grins. It is captioned, "Found a friend to join my first selfie on Instagram." Even better is how cool Biden's Instagram name is - "vp". You take the selfie crown, vp.