Today in politics: November 10

Thousands rally against trade agreement

Organisers of rallies opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP] free trade agreements are claiming a turnout of 10,000 nationwide on Saturday. Spokesman Edward Miller said turnout was high in the main centres of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch but there was also a big response in the regions.

A growing number of Kiwis oppose the deal, which could curb internet freedom and impose costs on medicine. 

TPP: 'no cause for concern' about medicine costs

Still on the TPP, Trade Minister Tim Groser is hopeful the deal will be done next year and says the public should trust the Government to act in their interests. Groser says once the final deal is tabled people will see there is "no cause for concern" about medicine costs.

Speaking on TV3's The Nation Groser blamed the alarm on leaked TPP documents detailing "ridiculously extreme proposals". The Government refuses to flesh out details.

Little opposes raising the pension age 

Andrew Little has raised the stakes in the Labour leadership race by confirming he would ditch the party's policy to raise the pension age. In a mailout to members, Little says he will ditch the policy because it is unfair to expect future generations to work longer "to pay for the economic failure of the last 30 years" and there were alternatives.

Little has also signalled a review of other contentious policy including the Capital Gains tax and power reforms.

Apec ministers pessimistic about economic recovery

Apec ministers in Beijing have painted a pessimistic picture of the road ahead, warning that the world economic recovery continues to slow, there is a lack of growth momentum, international market demand is sluggish and the basis for recovery remains unstable.

The ministers, who met in Beijing ahead of the leaders' summit this week, debated actions including regional trade agreements, less red tape, and promoting renewable energy and investment.

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