John Key's killer paedophile joke disgusts victims' family

UNDER FIRE: Prime Minister John Key.
UNDER FIRE: Prime Minister John Key.

The family of the man escaped prisoner Phillip John Smith killed, and the boy he abused, is revolted by Prime Minister John Key’s joke about his unauthorised disappearance.

Smith, 40, was imprisoned in 1996 for stabbing to death the father of a boy he molested. He was also convicted of molesting the boy over a three-year period.

Smith fled the country for Chile on Thursday last week - the day he got out of Springhill Prison in north Waikato on a temporary release.

Speaking to reporters at the Apec summit in Beijing, Key joked he would tell Chilean President Michelle Bachelet not to “invite [Smith] around for lunch”.

A spokeswoman for Key said he "certainly didn't intend for his comments to offend anyone".

However, the sister of the murdered man said: "He [Key] has made a joke of the whole country and its systems which he runs. I thought it was disgusting that he laughed about it.”

The sister said Key would not be making a joke if his family had been the victims of Smith.

“My nephew [Smith’s victim] wasn’t impressed at that either. It was another kick in the guts for him. It is really hard to see any humour in this for us. Some prime minister,” she said.

She said she held Key personally responsible for the failings of his government’s departments that have put her family at risk again.

“Do these people realise what they have just done? It is not just going to go away. What do we do? How do these boys carry on and know they are safe?” she said.

She had moved to escape her fear of Smith, one of her nephews moved overseas, and another was still under police protection.

“I know the boys are scared for their family. We are the only ones who got the sentence,” she said.

She was angry that no one had been held accountable for Smith’s disappearance and believes someone should resign immediately.

“How the hell can someone walk out of a prison cell and on to a plane? I want to know who signed this off, and who is going to be responsible,” she said.

Smith was initially thought to be in Chile, having flown there on a passport obtained under his birth name on Thursday while on temporary release from prison. He has now moved on to Brazil.

* Fugitive in Brazil

* Killer 'had passport help'

Speaking to reporters at the APEC summit in Beijing, Key said he would speak to Chilean President Michelle Bachelet about Smith today, but laughed off the situation.

"I'll just let her know that someone could be out there from New Zealand she may not want to invite round for lunch," Key said yesterday.

Labour Party corrections spokeswoman Jacinda Ardern said Key's response to Smith absconding while on temporary release from prison was "shocking".

Ardern thought the prime minister had possibly been misquoted when she first read what he was reported to have said, but then heard the audio and Key laughing.  

"For the victim's family hearing something like that, hearing him treat such a serious situation in such a trivial manner, it's very poor," she said.

"Put yourself in the victim's shoes. Anyone who has read the original case which led to Phillip Smith being imprisoned, it's absolutely appalling, so [his escape] is no laughing matter."

Chilean authorities have since advised Smith travelled onwards to Brazil.

Ardern hoped Key would convey the message to his counterpart in Brazil with "the seriousness it deserves".

"I don't think any world leader who is going to be informed of our current predicament is going to find it funny." 

Just heard the audio of John Key talking about Phillip Smith's escape....and joking about it. Really Prime Minister?

— Jacinda Ardern (@jacindaardern) November 10, 2014

If I were @johnkeypm I'd hide! A murderer was able to fly to Brazil via Chile and all you do is laugh about it? What's wrong with you PM?

— Koala2L (@Koala2L) November 10, 2014

Did John Key seriously just make a joke with the Chilean prime minister about our murdering, raping paedophile escaped convict. #notok.

— Deborah (@Grumblah) November 10, 2014