National president Peter Goodfellow has party's confidence - PM

23:20, Aug 29 2009

National Party president Peter Goodfellow has fronted up at Parliament with Prime Minister John Key and declared that he has the full confidence of the party and its board.

Mr Goodfellow, who has been under pressure over suggestions that some board members wanted him removed, said today that the end of his marriage was probably what lay behind the speculation. He wanted people to respect his personal life.

"My personal life is my personal life and I don't think there is anything in my personal life that affects my ability to be president."

He denied coming under any pressure to step down.

Mr Goodfellow said Mr Key had been aware of matters concerning his personal life because he told him after he was elected party president.

"I made a disclosure to the prime minister what the facts were and we moved on from there".

Mr Key said Mr Goodfellow, who was at Parliament for National's weekly caucus meeting, had the confidence of the board.

"Most people are guilty of making the odd mistake in their personal life. Most people are accepting of that. Peter has my full confidence... there is nothing I've ever seen or [been] aware of that would preclude him from being president of the National Party or an office holder of the National Party."


The Dominion Post