Greens blast 'Rambo' tactics in Afghanistan

The Green Party says Rambo-style antics by Defence Force personnel in Afghanistan reflect badly on New Zealand and questions need to be answered about their duties.

The Defence Force has started an investigation after three soldiers were photographed posing with a large bomb carrying an advert for a New Zealand made energy drink.

A Demon energy drink sticker with the slogan "no limits, no laws" is shown attached to the bomb suspended from a plane, with the soldiers standing around it.

A bottle of the drink is placed atop the bomb.

The Defence Force launched its investigation after being alerted to the photos by Radio Live.

One photo shows a hand-written message "dear Taliban enjoy this demon" on the side of the bomb next to the sticker.

Another shows one of the soldiers holding two machine guns with Demon advertising and bottles in the background.

The Defence Force said the photos appeared to be genuine and were "disappointing".

Green Party MP Keith Locke said today the Defence Force should explain exactly what role the soldiers had been performing at Bagram airbase where the photos were taken.

"We have been led to believe that the NZDF unit at Bagram was purely to facilitate the delivery of supplies through to our Provincial Reconstruction Team in Bamien province," he said.

"Can the Defence Force assure us that they are not helping with preparations for bombing missions out of Bagram, like the one last week which killed 90 people, mainly civilians, in Kunduz province?"