First national flag meeting a flop gallery

New Zealand's flag as it is today.
David White

New Zealand's flag as it is today.

The first meeting in a $27.5 million project to chose a national flag has flopped.

It was reported that fewer than 10 people showed up to the first consultation meeting in Christchurch on Sunday.

The 12-strong Flag Consideration Panel outnumbered those in attendance.

READ MORE * Hundreds of designs for new flag submitted

Jeong Hyuk Fidan Matthew from Wellington Michael Sampson Supplied Sam Hey Phillip Bannister Kyle Lockwood Otis Frizzell Dick Frizzell Arvedui Eärnil Duncan Design Cameron Sanders Teng Onn Tan Bert Hopkins Kim Crosland Alan Brown Max Williams Peter G. Taylor Minimalist Committee of New Zealand James Ringwood Alex Mayo

Could this be our new flag? Deranged Cat Raking its Garden, by Jeong Hyuk Fidan of Canterbury, is just one design submitted to the New Zealand Flag Consideration Project.

Tukutuku Southern Cross. Stylised stars reference tukutuku patterns to represent the weaving together of New Zealand's many peoples, designer Matthew said.

Combined Union Jack and Te Tino Rangatiratanga on Southern Cross, by Michael Sampson from Canterbury, is one of more than 3350 designs submitted to the flag debate.

Our current New Zealand flag: is it old and outdated, or should be we keep it?

Haki Pango by Sam Hey of Bay of Plenty (the current flag but on a black background to make us different from Australia).

New Horizon 3 by Phillip Bannister of Auckland

Silver Fern Flag, by Kyle Lockwood of Wellington.

Manawa (the people's choice) by Otis Frizzell of Manawatu-Whanganui.

Fern flag by Dick Frizzell of Auckland.

Anárion by Arvedui Eärnil of Taranaki (a more elven take?)

Lone Kiwi by Duncan Design of Waikato

Stylised Silver Fern by Cameron Sanders of Auckland

New Zealand 16 Regions Fern by Teng Onn Tan from Auckland

Kiwi Land by Bert Hopkins of Waikato

Kiwiana, by Kim Crosland of Auckland: "Kiwis in the shape of the fern."

New Zealand Cross, by Alan Brown of Marlborough

Moa flag by Max Williams from Wellington. "Simple yet elegant."

Aotearoa First Sighting by Peter G. Taylor from Wellington

Stars and Fern by Minimalist Committee of New Zealand, from Auckland

Bicycle of NZ by James Ringwood of Auckland.

Shaky Isles by Alex Mayo of "International"

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The Government launched a project to look at the New Zealand flag through two referendums.

The first referendum decides what design to put up against the existing flag. The second is to see if the public wants to oust the flag with the selected design.

The estimated cost of public consultation is $6.7m, with $17.3m earmarked for the cost of two postal referendums.

What should be on New Zealand's flag?

Share your stories, photos and videos.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard, who sits on the Cross Party MP's Group, said the process had been "shambolic".

"Changing the flag is way down on people's priority lists," he said.

It was felt that changing the flag during the centenary of the Anzac landings at Gallipoli was insensitive, Mallard said.

The panel overseeing the public engagement process is led by former University of Canterbury deputy vice-chancellor, emeritus professor John Burrows, who co-chaired the constitutional advisory panel.

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About 1120 designs had been uploaded to the Government's website for the flag by Monday evening.

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