Labour leader weighs in on dildo-gate and Steven Joyce video


Activist clarifies: it's a squeaky toy, not a dildo

Labour leader Andrew Little has weighed in on the dildo-throwing incident by coming to Steven Joyce's defence saying it's not acceptable for protesters to throw things at politicians.

"What if it wasn't what it was, what if it was something much harder?, Little said tongue-in-cheek.

While politicians have had egg and tomatoes thrown at them in the past and should expect "a right old ding-dong at Waitangi", Little said throwing a pink dildo at Joyce wasn't the right way to go about protesting.

A woman hurled a sex toy at Steven Joyce, shouting "that's for raping our sovereignty".

A woman hurled a sex toy at Steven Joyce, shouting "that's for raping our sovereignty".

"This was a very novel, if not a novelty thing to throw at a politician, but actually it shouldn't be encouraged throwing things at politicians no matter how angry you are at the policies."

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The phallus-flinging activist responsible for the debacle, Josie Butler, has clarified it wasn't actually a dildo she threw at Joyce - it was a squeaky toy.

Last Week Tonight

Comedian, John Oliver, horses around with John Key's pony tail pulling behaviour.

Butler has also elaborated on why she threw the toy at Joyce, saying it was a way to "gain awareness about the atrocity that is the TPPA".

Earlier on Tuesday Joyce said he wouldn't be surprised if a video of a dildo being thrown at his head is already in the hands of popular Last Week Tonight host John Oliver.

Millions tune into Oliver's American show each week and it's not uncommon for him to poke fun at New Zealand from the other side of the world.

Josie Butler (pictured with Hone Harawira) says it was a squeaky toy, not a sex toy.

Josie Butler (pictured with Hone Harawira) says it was a squeaky toy, not a sex toy.

Prime Minister John Key's gaffes have provided Oliver plenty of subject matter over the last year, including Key's appearances on New Zealand radio shows where he admitted to peeing in the shower, the pony-tail saga, the country's flag debate and even the 2014 election and Key's legal issue with mega musician Eminem.

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Now it might be the Economic Development Minister stealing the limelight from Key (although it's fair to assume the dildo was meant for Key but after his no-show Joyce fell victim).

Joyce said some "80 something thousand" people had read his tweet suggesting "someone send the gif over to John Oliver so we can get it over with".

On whether he expected to feature on Oliver's show when it returns on February 14, Joyce said "I'm sure there's lots happening in the world but we'll just see".

But Little says Joyce is wrong to encourage the incident to end up on international television screens and to let the country "become a laughing stock".

Butler, who leapt to international fame after flinging the toy in Joyce's face at Waitangi, has posted a video to Facebook showing the rubber object.

In the short clip, which has gained 24,000 views, she holds the dildo-that-launched-a-thousand-memes and says: "Kia Ora whanau, just wanted to clarify it is a squeaky toy".

Then she gives it a squeeze and it squeaks.

In response to questions from Stuff, which were then forwarded onto Mana News, she said she was "very concerned" about the effects of the TPP on her patients.

"We already have over 300,000 children living below the poverty line, I don't want to live in a country where families have to choose between potentially life saving medication or feeding their children because of the increased price of medications under the TPPA."

But Joyce responded to her protests on Tuesday saying she was "misinformed" and he wasn't expecting an apology from her for the dildo hitting him square in the face.

"Even the comment she made about sovereignty, with the greatest respect is wrong, because actually any Government can withdraw from any trade deal at any time, so it's just incorrect," he said.

Butler was not impressed with Key, who called her actions "appalling".

"That's rich coming from a man who cuts funding from domestic and sexual violence services, pulls ponytails, and engages in rape jokes.

"I'm appalled that our taxes paid for the Prime Minister to watch sports and talk about a sex toy on our National Day instead of doing his job and representing the Crown at Waitangi."

She said she was overwhelmed by the "amazing" support she had received from around the world. 

It had also emerged Butler was one of the life-saving nurses on the front line of the Christchurch earthquakes.

Butler was given a Christchurch Earthquake Award in 2012 in recognition of acts of kindness, service and heroism.

The list of award recipients stated Butler provided lifesaving CPR and first aid to the injured on Colombo St.

 - Stuff

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