Today in politics: Tuesday, October 16

Extreme? Try drinking another chardonnay

Prime Minister John Key says extreme skydiver Felix Baumgartner makes his job look easy. Mr Key's wife Bronagh sent him a text yesterday after Baumgartner's world-record-breaking jump.

"You did well on TV this morning but Felix was better." Mr Key joked that his most extreme deed was "an extra glass of chardonnay on a Saturday night". "I've done some of the whitewater rafting and bits and pieces and a bit of aerobatics in a plane," he told Radio Live.

More tiers for Mobie staff who miss out

The uber-merger of four agencies into the Business, Innovation and Employment Ministry continues this week with second- and third-tier management getting letters outlining their possible futures. Chief executive David Smol last week announced the eight second-tier managers in the new ministry, who replace 25 pre-merger staff. Those who missed out could take a pay cut for a tier-three job, take some other role in the ministry or take redundancy.

I spy . . . something beginning with C

Labour leader David Shearer has been comprehensively "flipped" over his claims that John Key mentioned Kim Dotcom to spies at a meeting in February. What started as a claim that Key referred to Dotcom, and caused spies to scan their systems to see if a video captured the moment, has been turned into Mr Shearer's failure to deliver. Yesterday he added to his confusion, calling interviewers Todd Niall and Larry Williams by their surnames.

Bloggers have ball with Nazi comparison

John Key did his usual posing for cameras with Young Nats at their ball in Auckland, kissing cheeks and smiling for all the world like he meant it. But picture posts gave the usual suspects a chance to poke the borax.

Some implied a young man, with arm held high, was making a dubious salute. Blogger Russell Brown came to his "defence", saying it was not a "sieg heil" – though why the man deserved to be called a "douche" by the Media3 host is anyone's guess.

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