Govt 'stalling' on retirement post

18:47, Mar 24 2013
Diana Crossan
Diana Crossan

The Government has been accused of stalling in the appointment of a new retirement commissioner by the former holder, months ahead of a key review of retirement savings.

An interim commissioner has been appointed but former commissioner Diana Crossan said she was "extremely disappointed" a permanent replacement had not yet been named.

"Because I know there were some good applicants, it's hard not to think the Government is stalling," she said.

Crossan caused a stir by calling for the age of eligibility for superannuation to be raised in the last retirement income policy report in 2010.

Prime Minister John Key has vowed the age of eligibility will not increase on his watch.

Crossan now fears no strong recommendations will come in the review, which is due to be signed off about August.


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