TV personality Hayley Holt to run for Parliament video

Hayley Holt with Green Party co-leader James Shaw.

Hayley Holt with Green Party co-leader James Shaw.

TV presenter and sportswoman Hayley Holt has announced she will stand for the Green Party in next year's election. 

The broadcaster and environmental activist has formally signed up as a candidate and will be added to the party's list. 

She has not yet been selected for an electorate, but told NZME she is considering a bid for the Helensville seat, currently held by Prime Minister John Key, who Holt said was not working hard enough for the environment.

Hayley Holt with Back Benches co-host Wallace Chapman.

Hayley Holt with Back Benches co-host Wallace Chapman.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw said her inclusion was "very exciting". 

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"I find it very encouraging there are some high-profile people who are putting their names forward for the Greens."

In case of Holt, she had to weigh her decision against making sacrifices in her television career, he said. 

"That's always been one of the things that makes it difficult for a lot of people who are interested in standing for Parliament, is the tradeoff against their existing career.

"It makes it tough for Hayley, it also makes it tough for some other people and actually puts some people off," Shaw said.

"But it hasn't put her off, which I'm really pleased about."

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The 36-year-old Back Benches and The Crowd Goes Wild star also said Parliament needs younger, more interesting MPs.

"I don't want politics to be boring. It looks boring at the moment and we've got some really fresh, exciting faces with the Greens coming through and hopefully we can add some energy into it," she said.

Her bid comes shortly after 22-year-old Auckland mayoral hopeful Chloe Swarbrick's announcement that she will also stand for the Green Party in the 2017 election.  

Holt said she had always voted Green and became a member earlier this year because of her interest in environmental issues.

She admitted she has little political experience but said she didn't think it was impossible for her to become an MP.

"It could happen next year. I'm not going to be running away from it if I don't get in."

Shaw said Holt faced stiff competition, but she had a good chance.
"The way that the Greens work is that ultimately all of our party members get a vote - and there's 6500 odd party members. That produces the final list.
"And so it's a highly democratic process, so there's no guarantee that any body is in there," he said.
"I think it's going to be more competitive next year, than it's ever been before. And she's going to have to compete alongside some other very strong candidates. 
"To some extent, having some name recognition doesn't hurt. But there are some people coming through who are very strong in terms of their background and communities they represent. 
"So I think Hayley's been campaigning on climate change with us for about a year now, in a voluntary capacity - so she's got as a good a chance as anybody."

Holt is no stranger to the pressure of the public eye.

She failed an on-air drugs test during a More FM Breakfast show stunt in 2013, and was removed from air two days later for drinking on the job. 

She has also appeared on Dancing With the Stars and participated in the charity boxing event Fight for Life.

Prime Minister John Key told TVNZ that it's a normal tactic for high-profile people to "give it a bit of a go" in his seat. 

"Come one, come all. It's good for politics I reckon," Key said. 

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