United Future deregistered

United Future leader Peter Dunne's bad week just got worse after the Electoral Commission announced it was deregistering his party.

The deregistration was done at the request of United Future, a statement on the commission's website said.

Party president Robin Gunston said the party had asked for the move to be taken while it cleared up "inconsistencies" with its membership numbers.

However the party did have more than 500 members, as required under the Electoral Act, he said.

"There are inconsistencies in the party's records around current addresses and the financial status of some of those members."

For that reason the party could not sign the required statutory declaration required.

"We are certainly very confident that this will be sorted out and our registration restored, but it is about complying with both the letter and the spirit of the law."

In Parliament this week, NZ First leader Winston Peters accused Dunne of leaking a report on the Government Communications Security Bureau to media.

Dunne denied being the source of the leak.

An inquiry into the leak was due to finish today but Prime Minister John Key said that was an approximate timetable.