Peter Dunne is petitioning Kiwis on whether they want to change the summer holidays to February

Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne is fed up with New Zealand's wet and windy summer holidays.

Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne is fed up with New Zealand's wet and windy summer holidays.

It's been a wet and windy summer break this year but UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne has come up with a plan to fix that.

Dunne has launched a national online petition calling for New Zealanders to signal whether they would like to see the holiday times lined up better with sunnier and warmer weather.

"Our weather patterns are changing and we are increasingly seeing our dreams of a sunny BBQ at a beach turn into keeping the kids at home while weather bombs explode around the country.

"Then, come February when the sun comes out, we all send the kids back to school, to hot and stuffy classrooms.

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"That is not the kind of Kiwi summer I think most of us want to see," he said.

The changes he's suggesting would involve the usual week of holidays from Christmas to New Year.

Everyone would then head back to school and work for six weeks and enjoy their longer summer break some time in February.

"Thankfully, we can change this, as we did in 2007 when we extended daylight saving from the end of September to the beginning of April."

To gauge interest on the proposal Dunne launched an online petition on Thursday calling on Kiwis from "North Cape to the Bluff to state their views so we can then have a proper look at ensuring we can all enjoy a real summer".

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Dunne told TVNZ's Breakfast if there was enough support, he would put a proposal to the Government.

"It's not something that comes within my ministerial role, but as a politician I'm certainly keen to take up the challenge," he said.

You can go to the petition here.

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