Dalziel in pole position

Lianne Dalziel is in a strong position to win the Christchurch mayoralty, a new poll has found.

The results of UMR Research poll released yesterday suggested the former Labour MP was well ahead in the race, with 75 per cent of "decided voters" expected to vote for her at next month's local body elections.

Paul Lonsdale received 21 per cent of the votes, while no other candidate polled above 1 per cent.

UMR used two online surveys to canvas the views of about 600 Christchurch residents aged over 18.

Most appeared to have made up their mind about who to vote for, with only 17 per cent of respondents saying they were undecided or refusing to say how they would vote.

The results were gained from a sample of 350 people and the results a margin or error of 5.2 per cent.

Dalziel told The Press she was "very pleased", but was not getting ahead of herself.

"That is a lot stronger result than when Bob Parker was still standing," she said.

"Obviously I'd like that to be the final result but you can never be complacent about these things. There's still a way to go yet and we have the mayoral debate next week."

Despite the results, Lonsdale still said he was feeling confident about his position.

"You just have to see what happens on the day. People can change their votes and the sentiment in the city is constantly changing," he said.

"I've been out talking to people and they have expressed a different vibe to those results. "

One of six candidates who polled under 1 per cent, Peter Wakeman, was not fazed by the results.

"I'm getting very positive feedback and the only poll that matters is the one on the day," he said.

The poll also surveyed 325 people on the favourability of Christchurch politicians. These results had a margin of error of 5.4 per cent.

Dalziel again came out on top, with 64 per cent of all respondents viewing her favourably and only 21 per cent viewing her unfavourably.

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee's favourability rating was low. Only a quarter of respondents viewed him favourably, while 66 per cent viewed him unfavourably.

Brownlee's spokeswoman did not respond to calls, texts and emails from The Press last night.

Outgoing Mayor Bob Parker also scored high on the favourability scale; 42 per cent or respondents viewing him favourably while 51 per cent viewed him unfavourably.

Parker's high rating came despite the fact the Christchurch City Council itself received low ratings. Only 13 per cent of respondents reported they were satisfied with the council's performance, while 50 per cent were dissatisfied. The remaining 37 per cent were neutral.

A UMR spokesman said the poll used the same methodology as UMR's 2010 polls on the Christchurch mayoralty, which produced results within 1 per cent of the actual final results.

The survey was conducted in late August and early September.


75% Lianne Dalziel

21% Paul Lonsdale

1% Victor Cattermole

1% Peter Wakeman

1% Rik Tindall

1% Kyle Chapman

1% Brad Maxwell

1% Tubby Hansen 4 others polled less than 1 per cent.

17% of total respondents were undecided or preferred not to say.

Sample size of 350 people and margin of error of 5.2 per cent. Some of the candidates listed at 1 per cent had their results rounded up.

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