Flights delay Banks court case

22:35, Oct 13 2013
Kim Dotcom
Kim Dotcom leaves court after the private prosecution against John Banks was adjourned.

The private prosecution against ACT leader John Banks over political donations has been adjourned until tomorrow because of flight disruptions.

Graham McCready is privately prosecuting Banks over allegedly filing a false electoral return after his failed 2010 bid for Auckland super-city mayoralty.

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom, his bodyguard Wayne Tempero, his lawyer Greg Towers, and SkyCity chief executive and managing director Nigel Morrison were called to give oral evidence today but the hearing was postponed because McCready's flight from Wellington was cancelled due to adverse weather.

John Banks
John Banks arrives at court before the private prosecution was delayed.

In his absence, Banks' lawyer David Jones QC went on the offensive.

"Two words spring to mind: hopeless and unacceptable," Jones said.

The lawyer said he had checked with Jetstar and found there were flights available later this morning but McCready had instead rebooked one for 6.45pm.


"It would seem the prosecutor simply hasn't organised himself to be here," he said.

The case was brought after Dotcom gave Banks two donations of $25,000 towards his campaign, and SkyCity gave $15,000, all of which were listed as anonymous in electoral returns.

McCready says Banks knew the donations were not anonymous and designating them as such was against the law.

The matter will be back before the court tomorrow morning.